Conjures by Astra

Meeting Astra (She/They)

Astra has been conjuring for over twenty years, with tethers to a series of different worlds. For the bulk of this time, she has been astral travelling to a specific world, and studying the beings that call it home. Ul-Zaorith has fourteen unique sapient races with rich cultures, skills, and potencies. Many of them are highly magical in nature, and most learn telepathy as it is the easiest way for the different species to communicate with one another. Astral travel, Realm travel, and active interaction with their many pantheons also makes them extremely well-suited for companionship.

As a conjurer, Astra aims to match the right spirit to the right human companion, which requires full consent from both parties. From her own experience, she has found the denizens of Ul-Zaorith to be great reminders of how differently cultures can be arranged than those on Earth, providing new avenues to active and responsive deities, rekindling connections with the natural world, and delving into our magical and wise inner selves that our busy day-to-day lives can eclipse.

​While her background has been conjuring spirit companions of her own, Astra has broadened her explorations in recent years and discovered some who are curious about Earth and would like to branch out beyond what Astra has to offer. 

Current Preconjures

Astra primarily posts her preconjures on Discord first, but those who have not found a companion within a month's time will be posted here. If you want to get a first glimpse at Astra's preconjures as they become available, we recommend joining our Discord server. 

Note: All preconjures come with a Standard Dossier (or in some cases, special event extras). If interested in upgrading to an Extended Dossier, please review Astra's Custom Conjure page to see the comparison of what additional content you'd get. The price is +$100 USD for the upgrade but may not always be available. Please inquire when placing your claim if interested. Thank you!

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