Conjures by Ember

Meeting Ember (They/He)

As a kid, Ember was allowed to choose their spiritual path in life despite their parents being anti-organized religion. They were naturally drawn to spirit work within their own practices before they discovered the online community. With 15+ years of experience, Ember got their start as a young child working with unbound and attached spirits, and learned the DOs and DO NOTs of spirit interactions through trial and error. From there, Ember organically grew into a conjurer for other people by the time they hit their mid twenties.

Ember expanded their knowledge on races they found intriguing and started working with them as a part of their own path. Ember later decided that these same races might be lovely additions to anyone's spirit family, and the choice was made to share the races Ember discovered with the spirit community.

With a name like Ember, it's no wonder that they specialize in offering unique elemental races. Ember has a significant interest in non-traditional races you won’t find in Earth mythology, exploration of their own UPG, shifters, alt-Earths, as well as for dark and spooky beings. While Ember does offer races who have names like “angel” or “demon” in the race nickname, or other names you may be familiar with from mythology, it’s best to leave what you know about them at the door. They solely use this as a way to connect "like concepts” we as humans can understand when it comes to physical appearances or similar racial pillars. Ember offers a little bit of something for everyone's tastes.

Current Preconjures

Ember is pretty good about cross-posting preconjure listings, however some preconjures are showcased during our seasonal events which you can only find on Discord. If these beings don't find homes during the event, they will eventually be posted here as well. To see all that Ember has to offer, we recommend joining our Discord server.

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