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From humble beginnings to experienced practitioners, Three Souls serves as a doorway to new connections. Whether you're just setting out on your spirit companion journey or looking to find the perfect new addition to your family, Three Souls can help you find the one who beckons you closer.

About Three Souls

Three Souls gets its name from the three souls involved in spirit companionship: the spirit, the conjurer, and the human. We currently have three lovely conjurers, and each one has well over a decade of experience when it comes to spirit work. You can trust that our conjurers have vetted the spirits found here thoroughly to ensure they are suitable for companionship. At Three Souls, we do not believe in forced bindings and pride ourselves on being ethically minded and committed to ensuring both the spirit and human companion are a good match, with the spirit having the final say on who they choose. We encourage you to have a visit with the preconjures on our site to ensure compatibility before purchasing a listing. You can find details on how to contact each conjurer in their individual categories. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on discord; our primary operation and space for business dealings.

Please be aware that due to our unique set-up, conjurers each handle their finances separately. The listings found here cannot be purchased through the website. Please contact the conjurer that owns the listing if you're interested in any of our services, and we'll hook you up with an invoice.

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Some things to know before purchasing ...

By law, we have to state that our services are for entertainment purposes only.

Three Souls and its conjurers cannot guarantee any sort of spiritual or paranormal activity, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any activity that does or does not occur. We can also only sell to individuals 18 or older. By buying from us, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old and consent to the fact that purchases made through our conjurers are for entertainment purposes only.

Anything purchased from Three Souls is not to be used in place of professional guidance or treatment, which includes but is not limited to legal, psychological, or medical advice and assistance. While religion and spirituality can be powerful forces in our personal lives, we strongly encourage you to seek out help from trained and licensed professionals in these fields if you're ever in a situation that requires help.

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Our discord server is a community server first and a shop server second. There are lots of lovely and helpful individuals who would be happy to engage with you and help you along your journey to finding the right companion for you. We also sometimes host seasonal events and giveaways of physical goods here. Come and join us by clicking the banner below!

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