Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Spirit Companionship anyways?

Spirit companionship is the process through which you invite an entity or spirit into your life to form a deep and meaningful bond. Your relationship with your entity/spirit companion will be unique to you — some relationships are built on mutual interests, romance, magical practices, work dynamics, shared interests or cultural exchanges, while others focus on the truest sense of companionship: friendship! For those looking to hone their craft, learn something new, challenge their personal thinking, develop their clairs, fend off loneliness, or just meet a really cool being to forge a connection with, spirit companionship is a complex and beautiful experience.

Isn't it unethical to sell spirits? What am I buying exactly?

We want to be clear that we do not sell spirits or entities— we sell a match making service! You're not paying for a living being, you're paying for the time spent getting to know the being, vetting them, doing art (for Astra and Ember specifically), writing documentation which you receive when the binding is complete, and for any physical materials used in the conjuration and vetting process.

Non-consensual and/or forced bindings are absolutely unethical, and we are vehemently against such practices.

Are any of the entities or spirits in your shop from Earth's lore and/or religious practices?

Our conjurer Vackra is a Völva and seiðr practitioner hailing from Sweden, and has very ritualistic roots. She is a hereditary witch whose family has been involved in traditional heathenry for many generations. Because of this, she works with a lot of beings found within Norse mythology that adhere to Earth lore and canon.

Ember doesn't work with traditional races, however they do work with races that have a tangential relationship with Earth lore. Recognizable race names are used as a way to convey "like" concepts rather than a strict adherence to lore and academia. Ember believes in using race nicknames rather than providing the true name of races. This is why you will see things like "elf" even when we are not referring to elves from Earth lore.

Astra does not offer conjures related to Earth lore.

As a shop, we do not offer spirits from closed religions.

Do you offer refunds? How about payment plans?

We do not offer refunds. However, depending on the situation, we are happy to either help you rehome your spirit companion or offer a credit to be used for the conjurer you purchased from.

Our conjurers offer two week holds OR payment plans for anything over 100$USD. Bindings will not be completed until payment has been made in full.

What is a binding?

Once you and a spirit/entity are paired, typically a binding of some type (whether to yourself, a vessel, or both) will be performed, which acts as a connection point between you and your entity/spirit. One way to think of the binding is like a bridge or a telephone number — it enhances your connection to each other so that you may more easily find one another and communicate on your own terms. Bindings at Three Souls are not in any way restrictive or non-consensual, and may be broken by either party at any time. When you receive your companion document, you will find an "About Bindings" section that goes over the nuances of how our bindings work.

What is a calling?

A calling is a strong draw towards a spirit or entity, or a sort of nagging feeling you get when you read or think about them. It manifests in everyone differently, and can include things like consistently coming back to check to see if a listing is still up, thinking about a specific spirit or entity frequently, nervousness over the idea someone else may purchase a listing, or a positive emotional reaction to reading a listing. However, we don't believe that callings are mandatory for a successful companionship. You can absolutely connect and get along with a spirit and have them be a good fit for you even if you don't experience that deep gut feeling.

How do you communicate with a spirit?

Just like there are many forms of communication for humans, so too are their many ways of communicating with spirits and entities! You can communicate through runes, tarot or oracle cards, through automatic writing, omens, dreams, or any of the clairs to name a few. The more you work on your communication skills and put into developing those particular "muscles", you'll notice that over time you will strengthen your abilities and feel more comfortable with various methods of communication. There is no right or wrong way to communicate with your spirits, and everyone is different. It's best not to compare yourself to others, and if you're ever frustrated, it's a good idea to revisit the basics!

Different spirits may respond better to different forms of communication, so you may need to experiment a little with your companion to find what way works best for your unique dynamic.

What is the difference between a servitor, thoughtform, familiar, spirit, and an entity?

There are a few different thoughts on what constitutes the difference between these descriptors. There is certainly some overlap, and it's difficult to find people who agree across the board within the community. Here at Three Souls, we use the following definitions:

A servitor is a spelled creation that was created to perform simple tasks and functions. They exist similar to a program — they are designed for a use, and do not learn or expand beyond that initial construction.
A thoughtform is similar to a servitor, however, a thoughtform is able to develop sentience and autonomy. They can evolve, learn, and grow on their own with enough time, energy, and dedication on the part of the creator.
Familiars are beings either created and awarded by deities to devout worshippers, or can be creatures of a lower sentience (when compared to humans; although they may mask well) that people can summon to assist with aspects of their craft. Other times, familiars can be a bit more complex and—while they are often bestial in nature—they can sometimes take a more humanoid appearance. However, they are static in their nature in a similar way that you may expect all animals of a specific type to be; the fox that is cunning and swift; the coyote who is observant and opportunistic; the raven who is intelligent and mystical. This can be due to being made from a specific kind of energy or by the realm they came from itself. Most of our familiars are offered via an RA so we can assure we're summoning the right one for you.
A spirit is a deceased entity. It is worth noting however that the word “spirit” is used interchangeably with “entity” in some instances, such as in the phrase “spirit companion”. Spirits are just as complex as living beings!
An entity, specifically a living entity, is an individual who is alive and has the same needs as any other living creature. But, don't worry! You aren't responsible for their needs, and you don't "own" them. When they're not spending time with you, they're usually back in their home world or realm tending to their day-to-day life. Unlike the other types listed above, they are more likely to need time to themselves away from the companionship, as they will need to eat, sleep, and take care of themselves. These can be bestial or humanoid beings, but typically have a sentience level that is on par with humans or close to.

What is vetting and how do I know my spirit is safe?

Vetting is the process through which the conjurer determines an entity or spirit is compatible with the concept of human companionship as we know it, but it's also the time spent getting to know them, learning their motivations, making sure they are capable of and compliant with house rules, testing their manifestations with multiple sources, and ensuring that they are who they say they are. We ask them a lot of questions regarding their history, learn their personality quirks, as well as ask questions on their culture, their personal boundaries, verifying the abilities they say they are capable of, why they are interested in humans, as well as check that everything they are telling us is true. We observe them in their own habitat or home worlds, as well as invite them to join us in ours and observe how they react in various situations to a wide range of stimuli. We make sure that the information they are giving us over time corroborates with information they gave us during initial interviews, and that they are truthful and earnest in their desire for companionship. All beings we offer consent to the vetting process, and it is not harmful to them.

Some aspects of vetting include but are not limited to:

Introduction Interview (Who are you? How old are you? Where do you come from? Etc)
Safety & Verification Vetting (Is the race too aggressive for companionship? Are you who you say you are? Etc)
Companionship Interview (What do you want out of companionship; Why? What can you offer? Etc)
Manifestation Testing (Consistency of manifestations)
Ability Testing (What are your abilities? Can you do what you say you do?)
Temperament Testing (Checking to see if there are any personality red flags)
Group Vetting (How do they get along with others? Are there energy types or races they don't get along with? Etc)
Unscheduled Drop-In Visits (When they don't know we're watching, does their behavior change?)
Exit Interview (Used to draft their listings)

As a general rule of thumb, our conjurers typically take a minimum of 3 months of vetting per spirit. However, for some races that we've been working with for well over a decade or more, the time frame may drop down to 1 month. We would say the average is 3-6 months, with darker aligned beings with moralities different from our own taking 6-12.

How do visits work? What should I do on a visit? 

When you are ready to request a visit, please contact us and provide the following information:

• The alias (or initial) of the entity you are wishing to visit with
• The race of the entity you are wishing to visit with (as initials can repeat)
• The date and time you wish to schedule your visit for in PST for Astra and Ember, EST for Vackra

Visits are intended to give you and the entity a good idea of what a regular day in the life would be like together, so don't feel the need to do anything extra or fancy! Being yourself and relaxing into it will help you and the entity best gauge how compatible you would be in companionship. You can either show them aspects of your craft if you're seeking a work dynamic, go on a walk with them to focus on their energy and chat, or even just chill and watch TV. It's up to you!

We do ask that all those requesting visits please be understanding and respectful of the following rules we have surrounding visits:

• Please acquaint any visitors with your personal set of house rules so they know what parameters to manifest and act within
• Alert any family members who will be present during the visit that you will be having a guest and make sure your wards are ready and prepped for them
• A visit does not guarantee companionship and an entity has the right to decline any offers extended to them for any reason
• Anyone under the age of 18 may NOT request a visit
• Ember allows a max of 8 hours per visit; Astra a max of 12 hours; Vackra a max of 12 hours. Usually 4-8 hours is a good place to start
• Entities not sent back at the maximum allotted time know to return and will leave when the visit period is up, and will check-in with their conjurer
• You and/or the entity can end a visit ahead of schedule any time for any reason
• If you need to cancel or reschedule a visit, please notify the conjurer ASAP
• No "adult" exchanges are allowed during visits prior to confirmation of companionship to avoid awkward situations between patrons

We do use a shop servitor by the name of Clive, an anthropomorphic pine marten, who keeps our visit schedule running smoothly. As all of our conjurers have full time jobs outside of the shop, we can't always send messages to let people know entities or spirits have been sent at the designated time. Clive takes care of that for us by serving as a sort of calendar and alert system for scheduled visitation appointments. Clive will ping our spirits and entities when it's time to go for their visits and when it's time to return, and ensure that they head your way. Clive is a huge help and a valued member of the team!

How do you determine whether a spirit is compatible with your energy and lifestyle?

Visit, visit, visit! While there is certainly the belief out there that buying a listing means it's "meant to be" and there can be a "first come, first serve" mentality among some shops. we believe very strongly in ensuring everyone is making the right choice for them. This is why we require you to visit a potential new companion before extending an invitation or applying for them to join you and your spirit family. We do readings at the end of each visit to see if a entity wishes to continue visiting (in the event you visit with them multiple times), as well as at the point that you extend an offer to verify their feelings on a potential companionship with you.

Having a visit with a potential new companion will help you determine if their energy is compatible with yours or not. Can you sense them or hear them at all? First, check your wards and make sure you've actually allowed them in and that your existing spirit family isn't blocking them (incase they perceive them as a threat). We recommend letting your family know ahead of time if you have a new visitor coming so that they are aware. If you still are struggling, try various communication methods such as pendulum, tarot, shufflemancy, rune throwing, or other methods. If you still aren't able to get anything concrete, or can't pick up on their energy, don't be discouraged — especially if you see many others singing praises or talking about good, strong manifestations. It could be that your energy is not compatible with the specific being you're trying to visit. In our listings we do mark down the type of energy each being has (based on our definitions; unique to each conjurer), so you can use this to track what energy types in our shop you may have a conflict with.

What's a reverse adoption? How is that different from a reverse conjure or a custom conjure?

If you're feeling called to a spirit, but can't find them listed on the site, reverse adoption listings allow you the chance to find them from the pool of fully vetted entities waiting to find their forever person! Reverse conjures, on the other hand, include a brand new conjuration where a vetting period takes place, and you can make a few requests to help us find the right being. Typically you can't specify the race or make overly specific requests. Custom conjures, however, you can request whatever you like! We'll try to match your parameters as best as we feasibly can, but we can't always guarantee we'll meet all the criteria of your requests — you can't customize a living person!

What are spiritual services? How do they differ from preconjure listings or reverse adoptions?

Spiritual services can be things like tarot readings, art portraits, personal shopping with your companion on your behalf, scrying sessions, energy readings, and much more! They are typically offered as fun little things you can do or get for your companion in order to bond with them, or as additional services you can add on to a listing.

How does the "adoption" process work, for a lack of better terms, in your shop?

After your visits — and any other visits the entity or spirit may have been entertaining — are concluded, and if you have put in an offer to bring them into your spirit family, we will conduct a verification or "claims" reading. If they accept your offer and choose you, we will send you an invoice for payment. Once payment has been made in full, we will slot you in to the to-do list. Exact turn around times vary from conjurer to conjurer, and factors such as existing order volume and day job demands may shift these time frames. That being said, we will communicate to you what the turn around time will be for your particular order at the time of your purchase. We will always communicate delays.

Once the binding is complete, you can do the welcome ritual in your companion PDF at any time to welcome them officially!

What kind of involvement do conjurers have after a binding is complete? Can I ask you personal questions about my companion after the binding if I struggle to communicate? 

While we will always offer you post-binding support if you're having any issues, concerns, or questions about the culture or race your companion comes from, we believe very firmly in not interfering with the relationship dynamics of the human and spirit companion.

Questions we are happy to answer include but are not limited to ...
• "I'm really fascinated by X's culture, and I read their race information, but I'm very curious about this specific part of their culture. Can you explain X to me in more detail?"
• "I lost my companion's PDF! Can you resend it to me?"
• "I got a new vessel for X! Can you do another binding for me?"
• "My current path has shifted, and I feel my companion and I may want different things now. Can you help me rehome them?"

Questions we will not answer may sound like ...
• "I can't hear my companion, can you contact them and talk to them for me?"
• "I feel like X wants to tell me something, can you channel them for me?"
• "I'm in love with X, do they reciprocate?"
• "My companion isn't answering my pings, are they mad at me?"

Please understand that we set these boundaries for a reason, and we encourage you to work on your communication abilities in order to be self-sufficient within your own spirit relationships.

Why should I go through a conjurer instead of summoning my own companion? Can I summon my own?

You can absolutely summon and conjure someone yourself! However, you do need to ensure you're skillful enough to handle anything that may go sideways. This is where experienced conjurers can be a good alternative option. You are essentially relying on their skills and expertise, rather than learning through trial and error yourself (which can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing).

If you're interested in conjuring an entity or spirit on your own, we recommend considering the following:

The act of conjuring is typically very unique to each practitioner and that is why most conjurers don’t publicly state their methods. Their method works for them but it may not necessarily be the best method for you.

Prior to conjuring on your own, you should be able to confidently say that you have a very strong ability to sense and work with energy of all kinds. Can you feel different energies, tell them apart from each other, manipulate your own energy, change the energy of the environment around you? Can you recognize the energy signatures of others?

What about communication? Can you confidently and fluidly communicate with different spirits, entities, etc using a variety of methods? Conjuring will lead to interactions with many different races and their abilities could have drastic ranges. It's one thing to communicate with someone who can easily and readily communicate back in a way you’re accustomed to. But what about if communication (as we are accustomed to it as humans) isn’t their strength? Do you have a broad enough skillset and good understanding of various tools to work around that and still effectively communicate to each other? It could be rather awkward if you conjured someone and then didn’t have any ability to communicate or interact with them.

Next would be protection—if you cannot confidently protect yourself then it would be disastrous to attempt to conjure and call others to you. How are your wards? Can you rid yourself of unwanted residual energies? Do you have a strong ability to protect and defend yourself and anyone else in your family who you may be inadvertently drawing attention to? 

Another thing to consider is discernment—there are pages upon pages written on discernment, that do it far more justice than we could offer here in this little clip of a response. But discernment is unequivocally important, so make sure yours is razor sharp! This can include things like knowing the different between wishful thinking, your own inner narrative, thoughtforms, and an actual entity. Thoughtforms aren't inherently bad, in fact many of us have great relationships with them, but it's good to know you're not offering them to other people when you say it's an entity or spirit.

Lastly, do you have a plan for vetting? That can be a rather intensive process and needs to be quite thorough. Having a game plan and an extensive series of questions and list of things to look out for and avoid is a good idea to keep handy.

All of these pieces take time and effort to master, and nobody is perfect! Skilled conjurers have learned how to do all these things and more, but also have a strong understanding of their own limitations. While you shouldn't rely solely on shops for making spirit connections, they're a great place to start until you're confidant and skillful enough to give it a go yourself.


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