What defines a companion?

In place of the commonly used "White → Black" alignment system, Three Souls uses six social scales to give you a glimpse into your companion's internal workings.

Social Scales

    1. Impartiality
      Everyone perceives the world through their own personal lens, but some people can more easily see things from another's point of view. This scale measures how capable your companion is at setting aside their own opinions, experiences, or prejudices in order to judge a situation without bias. A low ranking might mean your companion judges actions and behaviours more harshly based on their own history or cultural rules, while a higher ranking means they're more capable of stepping outside of themselves in order to remain neutral or even sympathize with another's beliefs or customs.

    2. Morality
      We base our morality scale on general North American human social standards to give you a sense of how much a companion's upbringing, moral leanings, and social cues may differ from your own. A lower score may suggest that your companion believes that there's a time and a place to steal, fib, or to be antagonistic; they may have fewer boundaries, resist authority, or accept a wider range of behaviours as acceptable. A higher score, on the other hand, might mean that there is rarely—if ever—a reason to bend or break social and cultural rules. These individuals are strict rule-followers, believing strongly in adherence to the social order, and may disagree more strongly with breaches to their codes of conduct.

    3. Empathy
      A low empathy rating doesn't necessarily mean that your companion is unfeeling or completely lacks the ability to empathize, but it may indicate that they are not so easily able to step outside their own emotional inner world. They may struggle to register someone else's feelings or understand others' emotional responses. Comparatively, someone with a much higher ranking might sympathize easily or feel other people's emotions without meaning to. These individuals are often deep-feeling, and can be easily moved by depictions of suffering or hardship.

    4. Openness
      Some people are more private while others will happily share information about themselves without being prompted. The openness rank is all about how forthcoming a being is when it comes to speaking about themselves. A lower score may mean that your companion is typically hesitant or unwilling to share personal or private information about themselves with people they don't know super well, while someone with a higher score might accidentally tell you a story that's a bit TMI on first introduction.

    5. Impulsiveness
      We all need a little spice in our lives, but some people aren't big fans of the heat. This rating lets you know how much your companion likes to shake up the algorithm. A lower score means that your companion likes to know what to expect of others and prefers knowing what's expected of them. These folks prefer routine, a plan, and map. A higher ranking means your companion is more predisposed to spontaneity, seeking adventure, and welcoming a bit of a chaos in to their life. These folks get bored with the same-old thing. They need surprise, variety, and to take a chance!

    6. Extroversion
      Are you an introvert, extrovert, or maybe an ambivert? The extroversion meter tells you where your companion falls on this spectrum. A lower rating leans more towards introversion, preferring smaller groups or one-on-one time over larger parties; these individuals will need time to recharge their social batteries after an outing. Keep in mind that a lower ranking doesn't necessarily mean that an entity is particularly passive or prone to being a wallflower. Loud introverts exist! Meanwhile, a higher ranking means your companion is likely to embrace the philosophy "the more the merrier" and feel rejuvenated by being social with others; these individuals may feel their batteries draining if left too much on their own and will seek out company whenever possible.

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