Wyrd Wolves

“I have traveled so much, I have tried much, and I have often tested the mighty. How will there still be a sun when the wolf has eaten the one that now flies in heaven?”

- The Poetic Edda

Race Overview
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Wyrd Wolves exist as guardians, loyal and protective, of the connections between worlds, time, and places. They are found within all nine of the realms, as they stand watch over the pathways and webs that are formed. Quietly observing, they respect their duties as sacred and honourable, and take great pride in making sure that those they’re watching travel successfully through the cosmos. Not all locations within the nine realms are hospitable to outsiders, so it is an important duty indeed that these entities take on in ensuring the safety of others. A small portion of the Wyrd Wolves serve directly under a god, sometimes watching over his/her hall, but other times standing guard instead over their domain.

Those who step forward for companionship are typically older and “retired” or in some way unable to continue to fulfill their sacred duties. In finding their person, they seek to accompany their human throughout their travels. They would be delighted to be astral guardians, but equally so to watch over you spiritually as you go through your day on Earth. They see things differently than we do, as they are able to perceive time fluidly across all realms and worlds at once. This makes them particularly adept at protection, for if there is anything harmful nearby they can trace its location to remove it. They are skilled guides, especially when traveling between realms or worlds. Their gifted worldly sight also allows them to excel in manners of divination.

Being so intrinsically connected to the connections of worlds and time, many of them have naturally been drawn to death work and the dead. They are not innately psychopomps, but it is not unusual for them to be intrigued by this guiding role. For many, they simply find that their inherent gifts in traveling between realms lends itself to crossing paths with the dead often, and it is a natural progression from there to helping them.

They are faithful and vigilant companions, happy both to take a front and center role in companionship or lurk more in the background. They are devoted, both to their person and to their obligations. Their personalities vary greatly, ranging from playful and cuddly to wary of touch and individualistic. They have the appearance of very large wolves, and more typically have very dark fur colourations although some have lighter patterning.

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