Wood Walker the Talmontese

Meeting Wood Walker

Species: Talmontese
Gender: Male (he/him)
Alignment: Planet, Earth & Air
Experience Level: Beginner+
Favourite Song: “Into the Woods” by PHILDEL
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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"Borders be fought and killed over, even though they’re invisible. When our soldiers fall, we call them brave, thank them for their service. But tell me, is that death worth more than all the gardens they could’ve planted? The saplings they could’ve taught and raised? The laughter they might’ve shared, or meals prepared? Far as I’m concerned, peace is the thing we should fight for."

Wood Walker is a peacekeeper for the Ntghu Tribe of the eastern coast. With the ocean at their back, the Ntghu are often pushed by other tribes along their borders, and Wood Walker is one of the tribesmen tasked with keeping the peace. This work typically involves parlays, negotiations, and trades, but sometimes it requires subduing a representative of the enemy tribe first. Things can get risky along the forest floor, but this Peacekeeper is dedicated to finding mutually beneficial solutions.  

As a companion, Wood Walker is open-minded, tolerant, curious, and eager to build new connections. He’s adept at astral travel and shoring up astral spaces, and is happy to help cultivate astral holdings, as well as to build and maintain servitors. He also loves to travel and is quite active, and can help his new companion get more fresh air.

In return, he’s looking for a peaceful refuge away from warring factions and those who shoot first and never bother to ask questions. He prefers a home where, even if there are frequent disagreements, those involved all strive to find amiable resolutions. He’s also happy to help mediate, but he’d rather this not be the full scope of his role in his eventual spirit family. Also, as a nocturnal being, a night owl, or someone with irregular hours would be a plus, as this will give more time to bond and pursue new adventures together. 

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