Whirlpool Dragons

We've all heard the stories of wise dragons that help humankind. Whirlpool Dragons are ancient beings whose lived experienced give them a clear sense of reality that can be useful to a human companion that lacks foresight.

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Whirlpool Dragons, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

While these dragons are not immortal beings exactly, they do live for an incredibly long time, but are susceptible to pollution, boating accidents, and elven interference that may put an end to their lives prematurely. Generally, however—at least among the Whirlpool Elves—Whirlpool Dragons are considered to be sacred, representing the Gods they worship, and so killing them within Whirlpool Territory is considered to be punishable by death.

These dragons primarily live off a diet of shellfish and crustaceans, having to spend most of their days feeding to compensate for their sheer size. Being typically slow moving (with the exception of emergencies or when serving as a mount), however, offsets just how much these beings need to consume. As they are water dwelling beasts, they do not fly and do not have wings, but they can come up to the surface and bask on the beaches to soak up some sun. They are capable of diving to great depths, but are typically attracted to vast coral reefs where the majority of their recorded sightings are.

Whirlpool Dragons are inherently empathetic and feel a deep connection to water, marine life, weather systems, and the environment as a whole. During times of great calamity, Whirlpool Dragons will gather from across the seas to sing a dirge to mourn the lives of those lost. This can occur during natural disasters where entire settlements are wiped out or during events where mass deaths occur, including habitat loss for endangered species. The elves of the world know that when they hear their song during times of peace, that it is likely they have done a great disservice to their environment, and must seek forgiveness from their Gods.
The Whirlpool Dragons have a special relationship with the elves that share their name, and while there are only about one hundred documented Whirlpool Dragons left in the world, to be allowed to ride on the back of one of these dragons is considered a great honour that few will ever have. It has been many years since the Whirlpool Elves last had a rider, but as far as the myth goes, only those with a good heart and the purest of intentions are capable of riding one of these glorious dragons.

Whirlpool Dragons are often far-seeing and wise. They don't necessarily speak in riddles, but sometimes what they have to say can seem a bit cryptic. They are capable of seeing what has not yet been and what is still to come, so what they have to say may not always click until the event they are referring to has come to pass. Most of these dragons tend to be helpful, peaceful, empathic beings, but there are certainly those who have become jaded and bitter due to their disappointment in elf-kind.

Whirlpool Dragons come from a world called Yel’vasa, which is the world that vast majority of the elves Ember conjures come form. In particular, they have a deep involvement and connection with the Whirlpool Elves. The particular area that they inhabit is quite tropical with warm waters, crystal blue waters, and vibrant colours all around. They can, however, be seen in any waters around Yel'vasa.

Whirlpool Dragons do not have any religious practices or beliefs. 

Whirlpool Dragons operate on a strict male/female binary, although when introduced to Earth ideas of gender may adopt a different set of pronouns.

Female Whirlpool Dragons that are fertile and able to carry children will go into heat once every 5000 years, and carry their single offspring for about 10, 000 years. Juvenile dragons will stay with their mothers for another 10, 000, and only when their juvenile dragon is capable of taking care of themselves can a female successfully mate again. While their numbers are limited these days and their reproductive cycles slow with fertility rates near zero, these intelligent creatures exude such a strong life energy that it is difficult not to find yourself in a state of awe upon first meeting one.

There is no concept of marriage between these intelligent dragons, but when they experience love for another of their species they rarely ever mate with another dragon even if it is in the best interest of their race.

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