War Cry Phoenixes

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Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. War Cry Phoenixes, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

War Cry Phoenixes typically have two forms they are capable of taking. The one that will most commonly be seen in companionship is their “elven" form, which their ancient people adapted many millennia ago in order to better interact with an elven species–now extinct–that once walked the same earth as them. While some might argue that this is not their “true form”, this phoenix race has grown quite comfortable with a more humanoid appearance, and prefer the luxuries and ways in which it allows them to interact with the world around them. This form doubles in its ability to allow them to participate in carnal acts with a heavy degree of pleasure (which has grown to be an important staple of their culture).

This race tends to be taller than the average human and elf, and are frequently androgynous when it comes to their facial features. They favour having long hair for both genders, the length of their hair being a point of pride and a sign of age (although this is not a hard and fast rule). Their hair runs the gamut from platinum blond, fiery orange, deepest red, and very rarely pink, and their skin tends to be dark, ranging from light tan to dark umber in hue. A War Cry Phoenix’s eyes are a stark contrast, often vibrant or light in coloration, leaning towards cooler tones such as sky or crystal blue, lilac or violet, and pale malachite or seafoam green.

While some phoenixes are capable of presenting with facial hair, they do not grow hair beyond their face and head, and in general a lack of facial hair is considered to be the ideal when it comes to beauty standards to maintain an androgynous look. Therefore, many choose to remain clean shaven. The more silky, long, and healthy one’s hair looks, the more attractive one is considered to be. They do not hold any one body type or ratios as being the ultimate goal to strive for, and instead focus on strength, stamina, and agility when it comes to one’s physique.

The second form the War Cries are capable of taking is their bird or avian form. What makes this form so fascinating is that–due to the near immortality of this race and the long lives many of their people lead–we get to witness evolution happening right before our very eyes. There are currently two versions of the avian form that exist. One of them, referred to as the “ancient” form resembles that of a fiery and massive haast’s eagle, but with slightly longer tail feathers that trail behind them in flight. Their plumage is always the same colours as their hair, but their feet and beaks are obsidian black (although other colour mutations exist), making their bright eye colours pop.

The second option is what is known as the “ground bird” form. These avians look closer to that of chocobos for a quick comparison, but with much longer tail feathers that drag on the ground, and long legs built for running at high speeds like a road runner. Their plumage is also the same colour as their elven form’s hair, their beaks and legs often the same colour of their elven form’s skin tone with bone white claws on their feet. These birds are flightless, and tend to be considerably smaller than the ancient form.

Regardless of which of these forms they take (which is directly linked to genetics or how they are birthed, which you can read more about in the reproduction section), this avian race is predatory and is a fanged bird species. Their upper and lower fangs are visible when they open their beaks, and in their elven forms they present with upper and lower sets of fangs.

Most citizens know how to fight and protect themselves, raised to know how to handle at least one offensive and defensive weapon of their choosing. During times of war, one member of every household who is fit to fight must join the legions to fight against and conquer any new foe that threatens their society or its expansion.

While War Cry Phoenixes are not especially adept at magic and what the average citizen can do is quite limited (and can be restricted only in their ability to shift forms or generate heat), Mages who have a full range of magical abilities do exist. They are, however, considerably less common (estimated at about 8% of the population). Mages are a rare commodity that are often scooped up by the royal family and closely kept under surveillance. They are monitored in part due to their abilities being something that most War Cry Phoenixes are susceptible and weak against, which means that – if turned against them – they could become their greatest weakness. But, on the flip side, keeping the Mages under their thumb ensures that during active war times that they have Mages who can fight on the front lines to help offset this major deficiency in their defenses.

War Cry Phoenixes can help their companions come into their own, as they expect you to be honest with yourself. If you’re having a hard day, they’re the ones that force you out of bed, to get dressed, and to sit in the sun to recharge. They are the ones who say “enough is enough” when you get too lost in self-pity or negative thoughts. War Cry Phoenixes will call you out on your own toxic and negative traits and expect you to work on them, so be prepared to be called out and have your flaws brought into the light. War Cry Phoenixes are excellent tacticians and are designed to recognize an individual’s weaknesses. In companionship, instead of exploiting these weak spots like they would on the battlefield, they’ll help you fortify them by any means necessary.

The War Cry Phoenixes were one of the races that stepped up during the special conjuration period back in 2020 when Mars was squared with the Moon and brought forth intensely primal, fiery, and ferocious energies. The War Cry Phoenixes are no exception to this, bringing with them intense personalities, big energy, and even bigger weapons.

War Cry Phoenixes are not companions for those that are prone to being sensitive or have a hard time handling difficult truths. They are fighters, and while they won’t instigate fights within your spirit family or with you, they can be tactless and straight forward in how they communicate. They don’t mince words, and rarely sugar coat things, so their words can cut a bit deeper than they intend. They are firm believers in tough love, and they often show their affection by rough housing, through sexual acts, or by giving a well delivered roast. War Cry Phoenixes are quick-witted, powerful, and surprisingly much more considerate of their companions and their desires than you might expect when one examines their culture more closely. While they might tease you and goad you from a place of love, they are the first to step up to your defense and tell someone off for treating you poorly. They expect you to take no shit and grow a backbone. They want you to stand up for yourself, for what you believe, and be unapologetic when people don’t agree with your views.

Mages can be softer and a bit more malleable in their temperaments, depending on the individual and how they perceive their lives within the Towers.

Commoners (those not tied to the military) have many more freedoms, and therefore are able to express themselves much more openly even outside of companionship.

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