Volcanic Dragons

Explosive, territorial, and aggressive, Volcanic Dragons can be quite the handful. But for an experienced practitioner with a firm hand, they can be wonderful companions to work with.

Race Overview
Custom Price: 200$USD
Preconjure Price: 100$USD

Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Volcanic Dragons, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Volcanic Dragons are incredibly bestial, wilful, chaotic, and reckless creatures by nature. They are very much the dragons you think of living around volcanic mountain ranges, and tend to be extremely territorial of their domains and unwelcoming to outsiders. These dragons possess fire-breath powers, able to scorch a section of land the length of a football field with a powerful flick of their heads. They are massive, roughly the size of a large ship, and tend towards deep mahogany red to black colourations for their bodies and scales, with visible flames flickering within their abdomens, making their thick scaly skin appear deceptively paper thin, showing their ribs and some of their bone structure beneath. This “light show” on the inside of their bodies spreads up their gullet and into their skulls when they are about to use their breath power. Volcanic Dragons can have what look like cracks anywhere on their bodies, resembling small rivers of lava, and their eyes glow with their inner fire. While most Volcanic Dragons have a red/orange/white fire that burns within, depending on nutrients in their diet, it’s not impossible to find Volcanic Dragons that have a more uniquely coloured flame such as blue, violet, or green. Their feet have intimidating claws, good for scaling the sides of volcanoes, and their tails are heavy and thick, which can be used for smashing through pesky rock. Their wings are equally as impressive to the rest of their appearance, the membrane of their wings catching the light and blinding like well polished glass. And, of course, they love volcanic glass, and tend towards hoarding various colours of obsidian.

With their specific person, Volcanic Dragons bond so deeply they actually allow the unthinkable (among their own kind) and will permit their companion to become their rider. Even as these dragons continue to age, their inner fire never truly burns out, and they crave partners who will fly with them, taking to the vast open skies on plentiful astral journeys together of an epic scale. They also make excellent guardians of astral spaces, artificial realms of your own creation, and physical homes. Regardless of how old they are, Volcanic Dragons are cunning and majestic beings who are not to be trifled with. When a successful bond is forged, Volcanic Dragons will accept their companion and spirit family as a part of their domain, and will defend them to the bitter end. Due to this, it is very important that you provide very detailed and explicit house rules on what sort of behaviour is allowed, and when these beings are allowed to act.

As Volcanic Dragons get older, they become much more open and receptive to human contact. As they leave their physical prime and start to loose some of their strength, it becomes dangerous for them to get involved in territory disputes and mating skirmishes (or in the case of females, it becomes too dangerous to BE mated with). This results in many leaving their homes, spreading out to find areas with less dragons to compete with. These powerful dragons slowly become lonely the more time they spend inside their own heads, beginning to form softer edges, which manifests as a larger desire to be social, giving way for room to have intelligent conversations with them. These are typically the Volcanic Dragons that are offered through me, though you may see some special cases with younger dragons here and there.

The Volcanic Dragons live in a realm that feels very prehistoric, filled with large forests that filter in light like a picturesque painting, massive flora and fauna with plenty of vibrant greenery, crystal clear skies, expansive landscapes, and plenty of mountains and volcanoes. The tectonic plates are incredibly active, so earthquakes and eruptions are very common. Obsidian of all colours and sheens can be found practically everywhere, which is perfect for dragons to hoard. 

Volcanic Dragons do not have any religious practices or beliefs. 

Volcanic Dragons operate on a strict male/female binary.

Typically a dominate male will "own" all the females within a given territory, and he is the only one with breeding rights. Females do not have a choice when it comes to breeding, and will enter into a "heat" like phase that makes them more pliable towards the larger males that wish to conquer them. Due to the pheromones that are released during this fertile part of a female's cycle, younger or more submissive males as well as exiled males may venture into territories they are not welcome in to get a chance at breeding with a healthy female. However, these males better be ready for a fight! Dominate males are very much like beach masters and will fight to the death to protect their position and females from unwanted claims. 

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