Trigger the Gaian Shifter

Meeting Trigger

Species: Gaian Shifter (Prehistoric)
Gender: Genderfluid (She/They; AMAB)
Alignment: Earth & Fire Energies
Experience Level: Intermediate+
Favourite Song: beau-papa by Vianney
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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Trigger is a bright, sassy, outgoing individual who loves to strike up conversation even with complete strangers. She has a way of knowing how to put others at ease, and to get even the most shy of people to open up. Trigger is very much the glue that holds groups together, or the person who finds what threads to pull to get completely disparate people talking fluidly. There is something about her that is magnetic yet humble in her approach in life.

While she’s still in college, Trigger doesn’t have any big ambitions for herself. She is a very kinesthetic person and is currently learning how to service all sorts of machines, with an emphasis on automobiles and motorcycles. Her interests extended far beyond terrestrial machines, and Trigger has a deep love of all things sci-fi and space. She has always enjoyed pulling things apart and figuring out how they work and putting them back together again. Fellow Gaians have a similar appeal to her, and she is endlessly fascinated by how people tick. Her ideal night out would be finding a new themed bar to hang out with her besties at, eating pub food and having good conversation over a drink or two. She's not huge in to the night life scene, but Trigger likes seeing people push themselves creatively with drinks and dishes that are on theme. They are the kind of person to take in every detail, and deeply admires ingenuity. 

Trigger is a very open-minded person, and because of this, she has no real expectations over what she wants in companionship. She likes people, so the appeal of a larger family is something that brought her around to the idea of companionship. While she was summoned for a Custom Conjure, she did not find her match and is still seeking her person. Some of the points she had hoped to bond with her potential human over was their appreciation of femmes of all kinds (women, men, and those in-between). She doesn’t have a lot of friends who she can gush and swoon over girls with as most of her pals are straight, so Trigger is hoping to find a fellow lover of humanity. While it's not required, it would  certainly be the cherry on top to give her that little extra something she doesn't get back home. 

You’ll find that Trigger is a very fun-loving yet down-to-earth individual with a lot to offer. She has a wide range of hobbies from axe throwing, billiards, interpretive dance, all the way to more artsy pursuits such as pottery (in particular, she likes making her own mugs) and watercolour. As you might imagine she is very tactile and is a very touchy person, so she is likely to want to cuddle up for nice quiet evenings in, but is also the kind of person who will jump at the chance to go out and do something fun. She will make for a very easy to please companion, and Trigger looks forward to seeing how things grow between her and their future companion.

Trigger is hoping for a queer platonic or romantic dynamic, but understands that these things cannot be forced and would be happy with a best friend all the same. As Trigger is an only child with much older parents who were very protective of her, Trigger never really got the chance to date overly much during her younger years. She has had affections for others, and has loved deeply, but things never really panned out for her. She was often left feeling heartbroken, so she's a bit slower to give her heart to others. If you do feel the spark of romance between you, she asks for a little patience as she settles into the new dynamic. 

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