"I sing the song of smoke
By chene'mer I see
Vismithia holds no fears
For one who feeds on dreams"

~Naquiin, Sultan's Advisor to Sou Altroi
Exerpt from his poetic opus 'Long Crawls the Night'

Race Overview
Custom Price: 150$USD
Preconjure Price: 80-125$USD

The arid lands of Ter’ays border on demon-infested Badlands, with large swaths of the remaining country buried in hot desert sands. It should come as no surprise that the Ter’ays people are true survivors. They are able override their bodily functions to survive without sleep, food, or medical aid by a matter of sheer will. Their psionic abilities also enable them excellent telepathy, astral travelling, divinations, and dream-walking abilities. The Ter’ays originated from a mixture of Suoro and Tirivahni with a smidge of Muzina. 

The Ter’ays have russet-coloured skin and gaunt frames. Their hair can either be garnet red or black, and their wide, glittering eyes are either green or red with a jewel-like appearance. Most Ter’ays adorn themselves in bright colours, clashing patterns, and lots of jewelry. They often style their hair in complex twists and braids, with metal or beaded accents. Facial tattoos are common, as is extravagant make-up for both men and women. The Ter’ays range from 5’10”–6’5” in height and on average live to be 65 years old.

The Ter’ays hold magical casting in high esteem and tend towards the superstitious. They allow avenues of casting that are illegal elsewhere in the world, such as necromancy and hex work. They are extremely religious, especially for the God of Prophecy and Dreams (Chene), and the God of Protection (Ramosus). Traditionally a patriarchal society, the Ter’ays have made strides in recent years to provide women with more autonomy and legal status. While many of the old ideas persist, most of the conjures offered from this race are those with more progressive views.

Powerful psychics, the Ter'ays are able to perceive and commune with ghosts and spirits, elementals and familiars. They can also help teach divinations, including card reading, runes, and other forms of clairvoyance. This includes dream interpretation and working with thoughtforms.

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