Tampered Records the Val Nyes

Meeting Tampered Records

Species: Val Nyes
Gender: Female (uses she/her pronouns)
Alignment: Earth, Fire & Air energies
Experience Level: Intermediate+
Favourite Song: "Scratch the Surface" by Sloan
Binding Cost: 95$USD

"We lie to each other every day. Society would erupt into chaos if we didn't. Folks tell you they want honesty, but most of them don't have thick enough skins to survive the truth. So, lie. Just do it well enough that others want to wrap themselves in your version of reality."

Tampered Records is a master forger, making her living by falsifying papers, making fake identity cards, and making information "disappear." In order to survive in this illegal line of work, she's become a master of having zero curiosity. She doesn't ask questions; she doesn't even allow herself to make up plausible stories about her clients in her own head. On the surface, her reputable business is as a forgery expert, revealing fake artworks, texts, doctored accounting records, and false cheques.

In temperament, she wears two faces: the cheerful, polite, and servile front she wears as her day-job forgery expert; and the no-nonsense, cool-headed, unflappable forger by night. Both sides are true, but Tampered Records has compartmentalized her life in such a way that she "switches" from one temperament to the other. In this way, she keeps things interesting, as her complex nature can be jarring at first.

As a companion, she'll be turning her inscrutable attention to detail to your life, looking for the faults that keep tripping you up. Whether that's a toxic trait you've put up with far too long or more effective alternatives in your spell work, she's a perfectionist looking to be useful. In exchange, she's looking to broaden her horizons and learn as much as possible about our sciences, arts, and history. A true crime fan would be a plus.

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