"If your Tribal Mask cannot be easily seen, you are forsaken to this forest and its people. To not belong is certain death."

~Ngmastoxl, Tribe Leader of the Ngmu Ptrarl

Race Overview
Custom Price: 150$USD
Preconjure Price: 80-125$USD

The Talmontese developed on an isolated jungle island now known as Talmont, and so are part of a unique and bizarre ecosystem. The Talmontese themselves are walking, talking trees and are not the apex of their food chain. Because of this, they have to live off the ground in elaborate tree houses to protect them from predators and prevent their filament-like toes from taking root. 

Talmontese are born with smooth bark-like skin, but as they grow older this bark becomes more rough and textured, and gradually restricts their movement. They photosynthesize with leaf-like hair, absorb nutrients through their root-fingers and toes, and also eat protein orally. Talmontese, regardless of gender, range from 4’2”–4’8” and live to be roughly 65 years before they take root. Note, in their old age they join communal Ancestor Trees which enable them to reach great heights. The Talmontese are nocturnal and as such have complex eyes to perfectly shut out light when needed, but also can absorb the few light sources like starlight and bioluminescence that illuminate their nighttime world.

The Talmontese live in hundreds of small, isolated tribes, and as such many will never meet those outside of their family grouping. In general, the Talmontese are extremely territorial and so there are unique cultural practices from tribe to tribe. Because they live on an island and salt water is damaging to their health, most Talmontese have never left Talmont, and so companionship offers them an opportunity to travel and see other worlds.

As living plants, they have an innate ability with all things green, including gardening, herbalism, and animal husbandry. They are well suited to night owls, and those who are less comfortable with verbal communication. While all Ul-Zaorith entities are living, the Talmontese are unique in that even after they root their souls can continue to communicate with their companions, so there is nothing to fear from death

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