Sunder the Ardour Demon

Meeting Sunder

Species: Ardour Demon
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Alignment: Carnal & Infernal Energies
Experience Level: Advanced+
Favourite Song: Hot Damn - Ivy Levan
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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Sunder is a cheeky, flirtatious, and gregarious individual who enjoys all sorts of social situations. Although her words rarely fail her, anytime the world around her grows quiet she likes to sing to herself. Sunder has a lovely voice, and while she could very easily have success as a musician, Sunder instead chooses the path of a life coach. Her passion lies with people and helping them figure out who they are as well as teaching them how to shed the things that are no longer serving them. Each client she takes on isn’t just a paycheque or a new ‘fix them’ project. Sunder genuinely puts her heart into every person she takes under her wing. She knows when to smooth out her edges in to be what someone needs in a moment of turmoil, but her default state is a razzing and playfully rebellious persona. If she's teasing you, it's all in good faith and a sign of her affection for you.

From an early age we are expected to behave and look a certain way in order to appeal to onlookers peering into our lives. “Fit into the mold,” society says, the one it deems “acceptable”. To fall outside of this ‘ideal’ is to be unsightly, or so we are told. When Sunder was first summoned, she was shocked at how much advertising and focus there seemed to be on beauty and was disgusted by the way only a select few body types were being pushed at people. Sunder feels this is complete bullshit, and wants to rip apart the things we are told we should be in order to make room for what really matters: our own individuality. The things that make us unique and different from everyone else. 

Sunder feels she could be of best use to someone who struggles under the pressure of these kinds of expectations, or, those that stem from misaligned family values, or navigating changes in sexuality or body dysmorphia. So often in life we get caught up in all our flaws that we often forget to pay attention to the things we do like about ourselves. Sunder is the voice that reminds you of your  charms, your wit, the things that make you beautiful inside and out. She is the shield that blocks out the negative forces that try to tear you down, and she does it all while wearing a radiant grin. 

There is never a time where Sunder isn’t up for a bit of fun. Whether it’s an impromptu dance party in your bedroom, backseat gaming, watching trashy reality tv show you know is bad but still enjoy, or hitting the town at the spur of the moment, Sunder—if not an instructor on how to let go—can be a solid best friend who is down for anything. While she is more on the active side and will  always find a way to move her body after too much lounging around, she doesn’t require a companion who leads an active lifestyle. As much as the emphasis on the human body and how it appeals to others in our culture makes her queasy to think about, Sunder loves a lot about humans and sees the best in most. 

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