Song RA by Vackra

Service Overview
Price: 100$USD
Availability: See Below

For many people, it's much easier to convey their emotions and feelings through music. This RA offers you the chance to put your feelings to song. Choosing a song that resonates with you on a deep level, put yourself out there and see who heeds your call. While you may choose gender preferences and state races or energies you do not want, you cannot pick a specifics about who will step forward. Vackra will provide a proposal for the being that stepped forward for you, and you can choose to decline or accept. If you decline, you will be issued a partial credit of 50% for her digital services.

Please keep in mind that with a Reverse Adoption, anyone can step forward, and it may not be who you are used to working with. Sometimes the spirit that chooses you is someone you wouldn’t expect, but there is a reason that they stepped up for you, even if it is not immediately apparent. If you are less inclined to be open to an unexpected offer, consider perhaps a Custom Conjure instead. That said, if you know that a spirit is not right for you, there is absolutely zero pressure to accept them. We would rather a good match over a subpar one and want both human and spirit to be enthusiastic and all in for one another. Don't worry if you don't accept the entity; it's not the end for them! They will be listed as a preconjure to find their perfect match both on our website, tumblr, and discord community.

The approximate delivery time is 8-12 weeks. This service is available in limited quantities, so please contact Vackra first if you are interested. 

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