Silver Werewolves

Turning back the clock to a simpler time.

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Silver Werewolves, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Silver Werewolf aesthetics are very cottage core, and they prefer a simple life further away from most of the human civilizations of Gaia. They make their home near meadows filled with wild lavender. Many of the prey animals they feed on eat the purple buds, and because of this, their grey pelts have taken on a purple sheen that makes their fur look ethereal and dusted in lavender, lending almost a silvery metallic sheen to their fur. Many of their paw pads and noses tend to be a darker grey-lavender colour, and the tell tale signs of a Silver Were when they are unshifted is the lilac, lavender, or pale violet-blue hue of their eyes. While their skin tones range just like any human would, these weres often lean towards having dark black hair with subtle purple undertones. There is occasionally an individual born within the pack that has lighter colouration that matches their pelt (like most other werewolves of Gaia), but this is rare.

Silver Were society is one of the large scale packs and social structures that utilize an dominance system. In the old days, dominant Silvers would have had to compete in yearly feats of strength to retain their status, but as their culture has grown less violent and more organized, what makes an alpha comes down to bloodline (first and foremost), wit, strategic prowess, popularity among the people, and affinity for politics. Many of the other packs are in frequent communication together, and while there are some that don’t get along, the Silver Weres are notoriously known for being peacekeepers, using their brute strength only as a last resort to defend their territory.

As if to contrast this more diplomatic approach to dealing with other cultures separate from their own, Silver Werewolves are slow to welcome outsiders into their well guarded borders. Their settlements are fiercely protected, and those not of their pack who wish to enter into their villages and towns must have good reason to be there without sending written word first. Silver Weres who are not scouts, warriors, guards, tradesmen, or messengers are rarely allowed to leave the settlements they were born into, unless given special permissions by their alpha for a leave of absence. This can be given in times of expansion (when resources are short or populations are booming, and branching out is required), times of war, and to retrieve individuals who have tried to leave but are still considered too young to make their own choices. Adults who grow up feeling stifled by their simple way of life can choose to abandon their kind for the joys and luxuries of the big cities of Gaia. However, these individuals are rarely allowed to return and are considered deserters. If one wishes to reintegrate into their society, they must plead their case to the alpha and a group of high ranking individuals within the pack that are selected at random to pass judgment.

It is no wonder, then, that so many Silver Weres are interested in companionship. It allows them to bilocate and experience more than they can on their own without actively leaving the general safety of their pack life. Silver Werewolves tend to live rather comfortable lives with little to no poverty, and this arrangement allows them to see and explore aspects of other cultures in a safe way, without risk of being seen as traitors to their people and their carefully crafted way of life.

Silver Werewolves are, essentially, regular Full Moon weres with unique colourations. They worship the moon like a deity or an all-knowing divine power, and feel drawn to lunar motifs and imagery. They are free-loving, and while they don’t mate for life, they do often pair off with a dedicated partner that they build their homes with and raise any children (adopted or otherwise) together. There is a focus on keeping certain bloodlines as pure as possible, so certain higher ranking families are expected to marry their children off in arranged marriages. However, any children birthed or sired as a result of their frequent Full Moon orgies belong to the household of the highest ranking member.

Generally speaking, Silver Werewolves make good laborers and like to be kept busy. Giving them tasks to complete, whether that’s keeping an eye on the perimeter, checking on things that go bump in the night, being sent to safeguard friends (with permission from the other party), or assisting with household chores, will make them feel happy and useful. While there are those that are content to be a bit more laid back and lazy, many spend their days working in fields as farmers, fixing things that have broken down in their village, selling goods at market, hunting for game, or keeping guard over the borders, and so are used to being active and kept on their feet. Long stretches of time spent lounging indoors might make them a bit antsy, so taking the time to have a leisurely walk with them through a safe area in your neighborhood would be enough to settle them again. They generally enjoy parks, hiking, gardens, watching for wildlife, camping, and generally enjoying the outdoors. If you are someone who dislikes going outside for long stretches of time, even hanging out around the patio, or just outside your building, or taking a quick trip to the corner store so they can get some sunlight would appease them.

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