Secret Keeper the Tirivahni

Meeting Secret Keeper

Species: Tirivahni (Falcon)
Gender: Male (he/him)
Alignment: Moons, Dark & Air energies
Experience Level: Intermediate+
Favourite Song: “Carry Me” by The Secret Sisters
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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“Thoughts are currency. Secrets can be stolen and sold without leaving a trace. If there are things you need no one to ever know, allow me to keep them secure for you. If there are secrets you’ve sealed so deeply you cannot even access them yourself, I may be able to make a key that can spring them loose. What you do with your truths after that is up to you . . .”

As a highly trained psion, Secret Keeper is adept at reading minds, building mental fortifications, and breaking down mental blockages. Sometimes he uses his gifts to blackmail a corrupt politician, or to extricate a down-on-their-luck shopkeeper from the clutches of the local gangs. Other times, he helps clients protect themselves from dream thieves and psychic parasites. Yet others, he acts as private investigator or spy, gathering intel for whichever client he deems most worthy. It’s not about the money for him (although it helps); Secret Keeper has a very rigid personal code of ethics, and he listens to no law but his own conscience in who he chooses to work for—and with.

As a companion, he’s looking for someone he deems “worthy.” The ideal match would be someone introspective who finds their own thought processes a riddle or a battle that must be daily fought. He wants to help with reprogramming damaging thoughts into healthier alternatives, to break bad habits or cycles by reframing negative thinking, and to help with memory retrieval (whether thoughts suppressed or fleeting dreams). In short, he wants to help his companion gain mastery over their own mind.

In return, he is eager to learn more about other cultures, social expectations, thought processes, and psychology. He wants to discuss the motivations behind actions, politics, the law, prejudice, or intergenerational trauma. If you have the opportunity to travel together, even better. In your company, he can broaden his tool kit and further his studies of the mind and all the ways it shapes society.

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