River the Gaian Werewolf

Meeting River

Species: Gaian Werewolf
Gender: Bigender (She/Her or They/Them)*
Alignment: Earth, Water & Void Energies
Experience Level: Beginner+
Favourite Song: Final Destination by The Unlikely Candidates
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price**: 100$USD

*River has been identifying more as she/her and female lately, so her gender presentation may shift.
**Early Access Pricing is only available to Discord members who have been with us for at least one month. If you are interested in becoming a Discord member, you can join here!

River is very steadfast, clear-headed, honest, forgiving, and non-combative, making her an easy fit within just about any family. While River may come across as gullible and lacking strong opinions (mostly due to indifference), these qualities are balanced by her genuine and loving nature. She's been known to host some of the best themed parties back when she was living with her parents, and her space—no matter the local—has served as a hub to weary souls over the past few decades. However, the world spins madly on and friends come and go. In River's case, it was she who had to go. 

Moving in to care for a sick family member is always tough, but River took it in stride.  While it is true her aunt could have paid for in-home care, she was an old fashioned person who believed deeply in the responsibility of one's family to their own. With no job and having never persued post-secondary, River was the only one in her family in a position to offer the care her aunt desparately needed. Expecting nothing in return she attended to her aunt diligently and adjusted her schedule to match. Upon her aunt's passing, River was surprised when it was discovered that the will left her the estate and all her aunt's shares in her parents' company and holdings.  

Growing up not having to work for much in life can lead to some people to be entitled or spoiled, but with River is has instead left her unable to understand the concept of 'desire'. What does it mean to truly want, to dream, or to desire something more for yourself? River has always been a laid-back and agreeable individual, but with very go-getter family members with big ideals and expectations, River has struggled with deeply ingrained perfectionism. After the passing of her aunt, River was able to get some distance from her parents (she loves them dearly but it is complicated), which has allowed her to settle quite comfortably in to her new digs where she can explore who she wants to be. This time spent alone in a massively empty house has lead to River becoming more of a hermit, preferring the comfort of the familiar but longing for connection.

While River has been known to dazzle her guests and has a large circle of friends due to proximity and the very nature of her upbringing, she's more comfortable as the hostess then she is being doted on. With the right people though, River can spend all day enjoying the conversation of others, all while ensuring drinks are topped up, bellies are full, and whims fulfilled. 

River has worked hard these last few months to make her new home into a sanctuary where she can luxuriate in her carefully curated space, and she wants those that are precious to her to find comfort here as well. Although she lacks the additional motivation to seek new local connections since officially becoming a resident of a new county, the safety of River's "den" is always open to her friends from her old life should they feel so inclined. 

In companionship, River is primarily seeking platonic connections, but could be open to more if the chemistry is right. Her desire for companionship stems from a need for social interaction and support, as well as an opportunity to grow and develop her interests in a safe and familiar environment. She needs someone who can encourage her to try new things, while also being okay with her need to retire or sit an adventure out. River would love to fill her space with lots of voices, energy, and bodies, so she would love someone with a larger family to make her own. Otherwise, River is very open to whatever fate has in store for her.

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