Rite of Fellowship Conjure

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Price: 200$USD
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As an experienced Völva and seiðr practitioner, Vackra has a very traditional and ritualistic approach to her practice. Her hereditary teachings and ancestral practices have continued to heavily influence her craft in the present day.

While she and family keep most of their practice closed and private, Vackra is delighted to share with you an incredibly unique version of her traditional custom conjure. This particular conjure is exceptional in that rather than specifying a particular race, Vackra will perform an adaptation of one of her family’s personal Rites to conjure a companion for you. This is a time intensive ritual that will require additional time to prepare for on top of the standard astronomical and weather events that Vackra works under.

Upon payment and answering of a brief questionnaire, Vackra will prepare everything to perform your conjuration ritual to find your new companion. Once the Rite has been completed, she will then draft a proposal (typically ~3 pages in length) that goes over a brief overview of the spirit who chose you, including their race, resonance image, companion quote, gender, classification, brief personality description, and race information. Upon accepting this invitation, Vackra will proceed with vetting the individual. 

The entity that is conjured for you will still need to complete the entirety of their vetting with Vackra prior to being sent home with you. This process will vary in length, given that it could be a completely new race that is conjured, but you will be kept updated throughout. When vetting is completed, you will receive the full standard dossier (unless an extended dossier was purchased in its place) as well as have the binding completed.

If you choose to decline the initial proposal, due to the nature of the service there will not be any further do-overs. Instead the proposal will serve as proof of delivery and you will receive 50% of the purchase price as store credit due to the initial time and effort spent.

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