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Price: Starting at 20$USD
Availability: Open

As many of our long time customers know, I stopped offering tarot readings a while ago because I found them rather draining to do. However, I've recently rediscovered my passion for using my decks and am eager to start reading again. Below you will find the types of readings I am offering, the price, and what to expect from the service.  I will also only provide these services for spirits conjured by myself, Astra, or Vackra. This is not a commentary on spirits from other conjurers, but instead is a personal preference on my part. By purchasing one of these readings you are confirming that both you and your spirit companion consent to the service. 

One Question; One Card

This service is a very straight forward one: you ask a question, and you get a one card answer. You may ask any question you like of your companion, however, if it feels too personal or is a type of question that I'm uncomfortable answering, I may decline to provide the service. Questions that I tend to be uncomfortable with revolve around personal issues that are best communicated without a third party. There are some exceptions to this, and you are welcome to ask me if it is allowed. The worst I can do is say no! 

I will require the spirit's alias or name, who the conjurer was, and what question you'd like to ask. We can then book a time for the spirit to come by long enough for me to do the reading. This will only take an hour at most, and they will leave on their own when the session is over. We will provide them with an offering and take all the notes we need. We will then compile all of our notes and put them into a PDF for you with the interpretation of the reading. Due to our busy schedules we likely won't be able to notify you when they have left, so if you want them to check in when they are done we recommend that you discuss that with them ahead of time. 

What Comes Next? A Focus Reading

Sometimes in companionship we reach a place of comfort with one another. Just like any other relationship, it can be good to sit down and discuss what you want to do next with your spirit. Perhaps you've achieved all you've set out to learn together, or maybe they've noticed some areas of improvement you'd like them to share with you. You could also want to hear some ideas on how to spend more dedicated time together. This reading will help pin down what your companion feels is the best next move for the both of you. This will be a two to three card reading. 

We will set up a time to meet with your companion through you. We do not expect the session to take more then an hour. Over the next few weeks we will compile all of our notes from the session and put them into a PDF for you with the interpretation of the reading. 

Am I Reading Into It? A Romance Reading

Is it love, or is it simply affection? Romance is often a point of confusion or strain in companionship due to vastly different social customs, and the way we experience or express love may differ from one race to another. No one culture is the same, and because of this, communication around love and courting can get a bit muddy. If you are faced with uncertainty, or simply want to know once and for all if there's something deeper there between you and your companion, this may be the reading for you. This reading can clear up any potential hiccups in communication about feelings, or provide clarity if you feel you've been getting mixed signals.

'Am I Reading Into It?' will confirm if you've been reading into your companion's actions or feelings the wrong way, or if you've been reading their signals exactly as intended. Two to three cards will be drawn to provide as full of a picture as possible, and an interpretation of these cards from the perspective of your companion given to you. When you reach out to us about this service, we will schedule a time that works for you, your companion, and our conjurer in order to do the session. Much like the One Question; One Card reading, this shouldn't take more than an hour. When the reading is done, your companion will leave as soon as they are ready to. We will then compile all the information into a PDF and send it to you at a later date. 

If you wish, we can add-on an additional micro reading for desire for carnality within the relationship, sexual preferences, or both. Each micro reading is 20$, making all three combined 80$USD. You can of course request the preferences reading after receiving the answers to the previous questions.

I Wanna Get Physical; A Spicy Reading

If you've been wanting to broach the subject of physical intimacy with your spirit companion, now's your chance! This reading focuses on finding out whether your companion wishes to enter into a carnal relationship with you. This functions in a similar way to our 'Am I Reading Into It?' reading, but without the emphasis on romance. Once you inquire about the service, we will set up a time that works for all parties in order to do the reading. Your companion will return to you at the end of our session. We will then compile all the information into a PDF and send it to you at a later date. 

This service also has the option of adding on another reading focusing on sexual preferences and comfort levels. If you'd like to bundle the two together, the cost is 60$USD. If you would like to purchase only the sexual preferences portion, this can be accommodated for 30$USD instead. 

What's the turn around time for these readings?
At this time we do not have a set turn around time, as we don't expect the service itself will take overly long to complete. We anticipate the service turn around time from start to finish to be 1-3 weeks. However, if there is a high demand for our readings, we may update this listing with an official time frame.  

Interested in these services?
Reach out via our Contact Us page or contact us on Discord! 
Please note that I only check my work e-mail 1-2 times a week.

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