Reverse Adoption by Vackra

Service Overview
Price: 100$USD
Availability: Available 

If you are feeling called to a spirit, but aren’t sure who is calling, this service is a great way to find out. With her reverse adoption, Vackra will present your proposal to her fully vetted conjures and determine who is interested in stepping forward to join you.

She will then draft a proposal (typically ~3 pages in length) that goes over a brief overview of the spirit who chose you, including their race, resonance image, companion quote, gender, classification, brief personality description, and race information. Upon receiving the proposal, you may choose to accept or decline. 

Upon accepting this invitation, Vackra will finalize the spirit’s standard dossier and complete the binding to you. If you choose to decline the invitation, due to the nature of the service there will not be any do-overs. Instead you will receive 50% of the purchase price as store credit due to the initial time and effort spent.

Please keep in mind that with a Reverse Adoption, anyone can step forward, and it may not be who you are used to working with. Sometimes the spirit that chooses you is someone you wouldn’t expect, but there is a reason that they stepped up for you. If you are less inclined to be open to an unexpected offer, consider perhaps a Custom Conjure instead.

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