Quill the Archive Demon

Meeting Quill

Species: Archive Demon
Gender: Apagender (He/She/They)
Alignment: Void Energies
Experience Level: Advanced+
Favourite Song: & by Tally Hall
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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Quill is a bit of an enigma. Many of Quill’s colleagues struggle to grasp the intricacies that make Quill who they are. Their previous job as a field agent required them to be mutable in personality, and they have been on a path of discovery over the last decade or so trying to discover who they are beyond what the fame and demands of what their society needed Quill to be.

Those who have taken the time to get to know Quill have found that they are fiercely loyal to their friends, protective of their well-being (including mental health and physical safety), and a bit of a nag. But Quill says it is all in the best interest of their loved ones. Quill sees the potential in each and every one of her friends, which is why she was drawn to them in the first place.

Perhaps it is all of Quill’s prior expeditions, but Quill has a habit of excavating through the grime and filth to find the hidden truths in each and every person they take an invested interest in. It is one part personal hobby, one part compulsive need to figure out how people function. Because of this, Quill typically has a good read on people as he asks a lot of probing questions, swifty developing a good grip on people’s personalities. This allows him to highlight their best qualities and remind them when they are having a tough day of all the good aspects about them.

Despite the good intentions behind Quill’s examinations, she can at times read as pushy and obtrusive, leading others to feel on guard with them. Quill doesn’t always understand that such questions can be unwelcome, and mixed with their RBF and their poor read on subtle social cues, Quill is frequently described as forceful, cold and socially unaware. Quill doesn’t consider themself to be any of these things, and finds themself misunderstood more often than not. However, at the end of the day, Quill has a good head on their shoulders, has a curious and quick mind, a caring heart, and possesses a dry wit with a penchant for dark humor which serves as a coping mechanism for the weight of their experiences.

The life of a field agent appealed to Quill initially due to their solitary nature, but lately Quill seeks connections and closeness. They have grown weary of being alone for long stretches of time. Quill seeks companionship to combat the pervasive stuffiness found within the halls of the archives, and to find someone outside their culture who won’t look at them and see a failure who couldn’t handle the life of a field agent. The memories of their previous job weigh heavily on their shoulders, and they yearn for understanding from individuals who can appreciate the depth of their experiences without judgment. Furthermore, Quill sees the potential for companionship to bring moments of levity and joy into their otherwise somber existence, providing a glimmer of hope in the shadows of their past.

**Information on the reason for Quill's retirement will be included in the PDF his future companion receives.**

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