Penniless Scholar the Lisdanese

Meeting Penniless Scholar

Species: Lisdanese
Gender: Male (uses he/him pronouns)
Alignment: Water, air, and sun energies
Experience Level: Beginner
Favourite Song: "Somewhere in Between" by morningsiders
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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“More books there are than mine eyes could read,
though never a night I slept, while pages turned
by day. Yet, my rapt mind grows never weary,
for I hold the key to a thousand score
universes, locked within these letters.”

Bex’s working-class parents wanted something better for their bright son. They believed he could make anything of himself if only he had the opportunity. So, he learned to read and write from a young age. He did well enough through the public school to earn a scholarship to the university in his province’s capital. But while he had access to first-class learning, the cost of living in the big city is far more than his family can support. He lives in his tiny garret, making due with scraps and trying to make friends and connections that could open doors for all his high-falutin learning. 

During the course of his studies, he became fascinated with other places: foreign nations, distant Realms, all the colourful people who call them home. He’s keen to make a connection of his own where he can enrich his meagre student’s existence in a way that would cost him more than he can afford. He wants to swap theories, share ideas, learn together, and make a friend. Interests in poetry, outer space, anthropology, and history are a big plus.

In return, he’s happy to help build or maintain a shared astral space, to help with research or theoretical discussion, to listen to (and work through) social problems, and give fair, unbiased opinions. Most of all, he’s looking for a bosom friend to share life’s journey with.

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