Orb Witch the Fudorian

Meeting Orb Witch

Species: Fudorian
Gender: Female (uses she/her pronouns)
Alignment: Light, Air & Water Energies
Experience Level: Beginner+
Favourite Song: “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” by Doris Day
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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"Ideas move like waves, lapping and seeking ingress. To change minds, we need to act with patience and tireless calm. So it is with magic, we pull with quiet majesty until the tides come home."

Since the Fudorian Restoration, witches are regarded with suspicion and scrutiny. They lack the supervised training of commercial magic users and do not adhere to the prescribed “safe” methods of casting, but this Orb Witch proves that witches are nothing to be scared of. A gentle soul who simply needs to learn her own way and at her own pace, Orb Witch wants you to know that you can take all the time you need to settle into your craft.

Orb Witch first became interested in companionship a few years ago and has patiently worked her way through vetting, observing others find their companions and all the myriad forms companionship could take. In that time, she has clarified what she’s looking for, while still keeping herself open to the possibilities. She’s interested in a practitioner of any skill level, but has the patience and nurturing nature that could help someone who may be struggling to deepen their craft. Orb Witch is the first one to encourage you to work with correspondent ingredients, to modify rituals that don’t work for you, or to find a new way to tap into your font of power. She is innovative, deliberate, and naturally curious.

As a self-taught practitioner, she brings years of wisdom earned through trial and error. She’s happy to work magics together (especially when connecting with local land spirits, working prosperity, luck, and dream magics, and seeking messages from the universe) but equally happy to discuss theory and practise separately, especially if her companion isn’t one to adhere to rituals. Orb Witch believes magic should flow, and is looking for a good-hearted match who is willing to try, possibly fail, and try again. Water, light, and air get where they’re going because they find the right path; she believes the same is true for her companionship.

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