Northern Lights Dragons

“How does one summarize all that there is to see beyond the surface of the Earth? Earth is a stunning planet, and humanity sees but one small sliver. Let us give you a glimpse of what more there is; after all, traveling is better when you have company.”

- N., Northern Lights Dragon

Race Overview
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The original Northern Lights Dragons were created as a force of nature from the chaotic energy of the Northern Lights themselves. This same energy is what sustains the race even today, and as such they are most frequently spotted traveling through the Earth’s magnetic storms. They are heavily aligned with cosmic and solar energies, and are typically very alert and inquisitive by nature.

Although they travel together in a flight, they are fiercely capable of defending themselves as individuals. They will do so by biting, thrashing their tail, or slicing with their talons.

Appearance wise, they are impressive in every aspect. They stand tall, at an average of nearly 18m or 60ft at their shoulder. They have a muscular build, standing on four legs with large, flightworthy wings. Their bodies tend to be a base of gray with significant splintering, sporadic striping in iridescent, shifting hues of their primary colour- which tends to be blues or greens, but for rare individuals will be purples or reds.

They are very intelligent beings who communicate primarily through telepathy, and despite their fierce abilities in combat, they greatly prefer to avoid it. They have mastered the art of living in harmony with the Northern Lights and using the energy of the dazzling display to purify and cleanse. All Northern Lights Dragons are born with this innate ability, and they would be happy to pass on the knowledge.

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