Nordic Ljusalver

“You should be only a little wise, never too wise. A wise man’s heart is seldom glad if he’s truly wise.”

- The Poetic Edda

Race Overview
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Nordic Ljusalver come from a realm known as Ljusalfheim, and as their name suggests, they are an elven race. Their name translates to “light elves”. They are intrinsically connected to the land in their home realm, and have very earthly energies. They tend to have a lightness to them when they manifest, and also fall on the lighter end of the energetic spectrum.

They are incredibly respectful of nature and her creatures, very firmly believing in taking only what you need and not partaking in anything that would cause an imbalance or destruction of nature. As such, they are best suited for companions who strive towards environmental friendliness, although they understand that our world is far more removed from nature than their own. They live above ground, and they like to be out in nature and not remove themselves by means of tunnels, heavy infrastructure, or anything that would really take away the naturalness of their world. Perhaps because of this, they themselves radiate a light and it almost looks like their bodies are actually “glowing” with a very bright and visible aura.

They are talented with earthen and green magics, which is no surprise given how in tune with nature they are. They do acknowledge, as a whole, the existence of the Norse deities, but they do not tend to worship them in any way. They are very close with one another, always looking out for others, and tend to build their homes in small villages close together. They prefer to take a more communal approach to living, with everyone contributing something in their own unique way, and they do not have a formal ruling structure or any clear leaders. They will elect various representatives if the need ever arises for any sort of debate or disagreement, but this is an uncommon occurrence.

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