Nordic Fire Foxes

“You should be only a little wise, never too wise. A wise man’s heart is seldom glad if he’s truly wise.”

- The Poetic Edda

Race Overview
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In parts of Sweden, and across most of Finland, long ago there were hunts to trap the elusive eldrävar, or Fire Foxes. Back then, they were said to be the source of the Northern Lights, and for there to be wealth beyond imagination for anyone who managed to trap one. Even in modern day, the Finnish word for Northern Lights still translates to “the fox’s fires”, although luckily the Nordic Fire Foxes are no longer hunted.

Despite not actually being responsible for the wonder that is the Northern Lights, these entities are remarkably clever. They are easily able to communicate both verbally as well as telepathically. Nordic Fire Foxes are sentient and intelligent entities who try to problem solve through discussion and negotiation before resorting to their more animalistic qualities.

Sharing the same fur pattern and colour as the red fox, Nordic Fire Foxes are vastly larger than their mundane likeness. Their fur has visible fire sparking throughout, especially in their tail, which appears as though it is made of pure flame. Naturally, they are elementally aligned with fire, and do well in companionship with those use a lot of fire in their craft.

In addition to the fiery qualities, Nordic Fire Foxes do well in companionship with humans who have a very natural, grounded, or traditional practice. Temperaments and personalities vary greatly among individuals, but on the whole they tend to prefer practices that are based in nature or on physical components. They are quick and adaptive learners, and make for excellent friends or partners in your craft.

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