Nightshade Elves

"“I have a deadly nightshade
So twisted does it grow-
with berries black as midnight
And a skull as white as snow
The vicar’s cocky young son
Came to drink my tea
He touched me without asking
now he’s buried ‘neath a tree."

— “Girls Skipping Rhyme” from Chokely in Wynterset

Race Overview
Custom Price: 200$USD
Preconjure Price: 100$USD

Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Nightshade Elves, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Nightshade Elves are often considered to be deceptive, cowardly, and manipulative by the other races that share their world, but this is far from the truth. Evolving from a species of amphibians similar to our poisonous dart frogs, Nightshade elves have faced generations of prejudice due to the toxins they naturally secrete from their skin.

Nightshade Elf culture is very egalitarian, but they've had a lot of xenophobia towards them and because of this can be a bit protective of their own and somewhat cautious around new people. They are used to being pushed into the shadows by other races due to the fear over their toxicity. Times are changing, but old stereotypes still are quite pervasive. As a whole, Nightshade Evles are welcoming and friendly, but are often assumed wrongly to be mysterious and secretive due to their high rate of assassins, thieves, tacticians, strategists, and brigands. They have excellent slight of hand and stealth, with many knowing how to pick locks and make their foot falls silent as a mouse from a young age. They are often the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes but they themselves don't do it from a place of malice, simply as means to an end with no hard feelings.

Fond of floral imagery, their provinces have species of flower that has similar properties our our belladonna flower. This flower is the flower of their country, and maybe elves of this species like to incorporate these flowers into their fashion. Whether this is wearing flowers in their hair, getting floral tattoos, wearing pressed flowers inside of pendants, or using this common flower as a pattern or embroidering on vests and fine fabrics. 

Overall, they lean more towards science rather than spirituality, and don’t have a specific religion that they universally follow. While there are some cults—in the traditional sense—that still exist for more ancient versions of an old religion, most prefer to be the masters of their own fate. What they have they build with their own hands in the name of ambition and can have a hard time accepting help from others when they are desperately in need. They are not an overly magical race, possessing more physical forms of magic such as reading cards and rituals for those that participate in magical craft. For the most part, Nightshade elves offer their keen eye, observational skills, and ability to read others as their greatest assets to their companions.

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