Night Fae

These Fae get a bad rap in their own realm, but this comes largely from the fear of those that are different. In reality, Night Fae are deeply caring and protective individuals who put the needs of others first.

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Night Fae, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Night Fae have a bad reputation in their world as being child stealers, but these Fae are actually guardians for lost children. Many of the stories you hear about children being led astray by fae creatures at night could well, in part, trace back to these forest dwelling Fae. Very much the victims of an “us versus them” mentality with the humans of their world, Night Fae are incredibly compassionate beings and do not deserve the harsh criticisms they have received by some of the other races in their world. 

Much like their Teacup Fae counterparts, those who truly know the Night Fae are considered protectors of children. Instead of spiriting away young humans, Night Fae keep children who slip through the realms safe from harm in a selfless act of guardianship. If at all possible, they will do everything they can to guide these children back home and safely return them to their parents, but for those who are unable to return through one of the cracks in the realm, Night Fae will happily adopt these lost children and raise them as their own, welcoming them fully into their hearts. Because of this, it is not uncommon to see humans of varying ages living among the Night Fae and practicing their customs.

These Fae are largely nocturnal and will be more active at night, so if you are a night shift worker, an insomniac, or simply a night owl, Night Fae make great companions! They are lovers of children and can provide a nurturing but firm presence. They are big on tradition and upholding family values. They are the type to work hard to maintain equilibrium and peace within a spirit family and within their keeper’s life. They tend towards mentorship, but some are content with more casual but no less meaningful connections with humans. They tend to be skilled in lunar magics, and often are empathic. Due to their empathetic natures, they have learned how to set up barriers between them and other people’s emotions. While they could be perceived as bleeding hearts to some, Night Fae are actually quite careful about how and when they choose to spend their energy and would be happy to teach fellow empaths how to do the same.

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