Mountain Giants

"We're giants, and we're unaware of things that are too small for us to see."
— Louie Schwartzberg

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Mountain Giants, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

These hulking entities stand at around 9’6”-10’9” on average. Both men and women are completely ripped, and as my roommate likes to say, “their muscles have their own zip code”. Their skin often takes on a grey to a murky brown hue which can help them camouflage into their surroundings. Descendants of ambush predators, Mountain Giants still possess their terrifying fangs and lower jaw tusks, which were once used in displays akin to rutting during mating rituals and territory claims. Their hair ranges from pale ash grey, to mousy brown, to deep umber and occasionally black, while their eyes are often hazel, brown, or golden in colour. Aside from the hair on the top of their heads and their brows, they are otherwise hairless. They are big on stick and poke tattoos and favour swirled and branched designs to symbolize family or offspring sired and birthed.

In general, Mountain Giants have exceptional strength and can offer this in service or protection to their companions. They have the ability to numb their sense of pain, and are capable of pushing through difficult tasks that they might have otherwise been incapable of because of this ability. They like to build things, and would be curious about learning to build astral spaces alongside their companions.

Mountain Giants are very big on community and are, overall, very enthusiastic about companionship with humans. They believe very deeply in the concept of hard work and can kick someone with a lazy streak into high gear. There’s no making excuses with a Mountain Giant in your spirit fam. They can be great work-out buddies, but there are also those Giants who are looking for a chance to relax and unwind from the daily demands they face due to their lifestyle. Even the toughest and most enduring of Giants need quiet time every now and again

Mountain Giants are mostly gentle giants that live up in the higher altitudes of rocky mountain ranges. Much like the Giants you may be familiar with, these Mountain Giants are built like brick walls and are incredibly strong. They have very little interactions with the rest of the world around them, aside from the cattle they keep and the other wild, solitary beasts that brave the steep inclines of their mountainous homes.

Mountain Giants have found a way to develop small villages and ecosystems within self-excavated caves. Their communities tend to be smaller, and there are often support structures built into the caves in order to help prevent cave-ins or collapse. Luckily, these Giants are somewhat skilled with magic which allows them to further fortify their dwellings for the entire community.

While they do not have modern conventions such as electricity at their disposal, these Mountain Giants make due with the materials they have. Using magic to stoke their fires and imbuing light energy into the crystals that line their caves, their settlements are truly something to behold.

Their buildings are very similar to huts and are simple in structure, and whenever possible, Mountain Giants will pick caves that have their own natural water source that they can boil for safe drinking to settle down in. This helps to keep gatherers from making long, arduous journeys to unsafe water sources, but also to keep trading between unfamiliar settlements to a minimum. They are content to trade with sister villages that have related bloodlines, but Mountain Giants still retain some of their territorial streak and can express an open dislike or even prejudice towards unrelated villages, which can lead to fighting when resources dwindle during season changes.

Within their communities, there are seven major roles that need to be filled: miners (mine gems for trade), hunters (the strongest and most agile of their kind who go out of the caves to find food beyond the herds), nurturers (those that raise and educate their children, but also feed their communities), expanders (those who dig additional tunnels or help to create new settlements as communities get too large to sustain), and herd tenders (those that protect the semi-domesticated herds of “cattle” that call the mountains they share home), mages and witches (those who keep the fires burning, the lights on, but also heal any injuries), and lastly the story tellers (those that pass down oral traditions, which is a big part of their culture). There are other occupations, but these tend to be rather specialist or for those that feel their skills do not quite align with the majority of the jobs offered to youths. Other jobs that are common to see within these cave villages can include tattoo artists, enforcers (who work for a sole leader who oversees their own unique settlement), construction workers, more specialized cooks (like bakers), tailors, black smiths, and gatherers.

Mountain Giants, while big and strong, are not the smartest tools in the shed. As such, they don't have any complex gender structures or emphasis on certain orientations. You fuck because it feels good or to make more children, and that's as complicated as it gets. In regards to our ideas of gender, they may scratch their heads as they ponder it. Gender as we know it is not really a thing to them, as they operate solely on a female/male sex binary. They are likely to view our gender concepts as something they are not smart enough to understand and view it as a sign of our own intelligence as a race, but will accept it and respect it. They may stumble over pronouns that are not she/her or he/him, but it is not from a malicious place. This stumbling and sputtering is them adjusting to this foreign concept and is a sign of their respect for you. They want to get it right and will work hard to achieve this on your behalf. On the flip side, they don't understand the hate and bigotry against bisexual and gay individuals, as same sex couples and pairings are perfectly natural to them, so they make excellent allies in this respect.

Marriage can take place between anyone of any sex. Marriage is usually seen as the unification of two bloodlines or families, and is not typically an arrangement of love. These unions are often arranged by one's parents or the community leader, but Mountain Giants don't feel restricted by these predestined pairings. Giants are allowed to have romantic or sexual relations with whomever they want.

As far as children are concerned, females often give birth to anywhere from 1-3 children at a time. To sustain populations, couples must wait their turn to get pregnant or sire children, as only one couple at a time per village is allowed to bring new life into the settlement. Female Giants are usually pregnant for about two of our years. Twins and triplets are more common than single children.

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