"The only way to discover something new is to search for that which is believed to be impossible. When searching for horizons, all manner of unexpected discoveries continually crop up between you and the unattainable goal."

~Sildan Kwai, Lisdanese Philosopher, inventor, explorer, revolutionary.

Race Overview
Custom Price: 150$USD
Preconjure Price: 80-125$USD

This is the only race in Ul-Zaorith unable to use casting magic. Because of this, they have delved deep into science and technology in order to understand the world around them, chart the heavens, and keep pace with magically gifted races. Originally a seafaring people, they came to the Eastern mainland after the other nations were already established, and now reside in the country of Lisdan. 

The Lisdanese evolved from apes. They have blue-black skin and white hair, and their eyes can be any shade of brown. They have proportionately larger ears than a human, and thicker wrists and ankles from a tri-boned structure that gives them excellent grip, and helps them keep their footing on the rolling oceans. The males range from 5’5”–6’1” and the females from 5’2”–5’9”; they live to about 80 years on average.

Lisdanese society has long been based on equity, and they have no real distinction between gender roles. They believe firmly in unalienable rights of education, democracy, and legal protection. The Lisdanese love knowledge (sometimes to a fault), especially philosophy, the sciences, exploration, and invention. They have a diplomatic mindset when it comes to foreign peoples, as they firmly believe that they can (and should!) learn from and help everyone they meet.

The Lisdanese’s natural inquisitiveness will help a companion study their preferred topics. Their less robust magical abilities can enable them to learn alongside a practitioner struggling in any area of their practice. Spiritually, the Lisdanese believe in reincarnation, and so meditation and metaphysical studies are a deep part of their beliefs. They will likely guide their companion through mindfulness practices, pendulum work, or reading cards for focal points.

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