Kaleidoscope Fae

A source of inspiration for would-be artists and professionals of their craft, Kaleidoscope Fae are known for their love of the arts and their impressive abilities. 

Race Overview
Custom Price: 200$USD
Preconjure Price: 100$USD

Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Kaleidoscope Fae, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Kaleidoscope Fae were one of the very first species I offered when I first joined the Dragon’s Library as a conjuring partner, and they are still one of my favourite races to work with now that Three Souls has been born. These are a unique Fae-like race that are born to serve as muses. Each individual Kaleidoscope Fae has their own specialty when it comes to the arts, and their culture is very steeped in a rich art history. From opera, painting, felting, sculpting, bead work, glass blowing, and more, a Kaleidoscope Fae’s entire existence is to breathe and live for creation. While a Kaleidoscope Fae may have a different passion or specialty than their companion, it is said the true savants and prodigies of the world happen when a Kaleidoscope Fae and their human companion’s passions align. This, of course, does not guarantee success, but Kaleidoscope Fae do increase drive, dedication, and loyalty towards a craft and push their humans to make, make, make! They inspire new creative endeavours and push their humans to dabble in more forms of art than they might have otherwise considered. For example, if your Kaleidoscope Fae companion specializes in dance, but you have never danced a day in your life, they would insist that you remain open-minded and give it a try sometime, even if it’s only dancing alone in your bedroom to one of your favourite songs.

Kaleidoscope Fae are upbeat personalities and are incredibly encouraging. Anything that you are passionate about, they will push you to go even deeper and learn more about it. It doesn’t even have to be art; whatever it is that makes you happy, they’ll tell you to dive in. If you’re someone who loves the arts, they’ll push you to broaden your horizons and try new experimental things with your art form. Do you love drawing humanoids but struggle with drawing group shots? Backgrounds perhaps? Loving knitting but have been curious about cross-stitching? Be prepared to practice, practice, practice! It’s common when you first bring a Kaleidoscope Fae into your spirit family to feel a rush of inspiration that gets your creative juices flowing. After the initial rush, it does tend to settle down again, but you may find a nagging feeling insisting that you dedicate some more time to your chosen craft. This is often the result of your Kaleidoscope Fae at work, and often how they communicate with their companions. This deeply affectionate race is all too happy to be of use to their ideal partner and to make something beautiful together.

n their culture it is very important for young Kaleidoscope Fae to seek out a companion. While they don’t need to be human, it is expected that Kaleidoscope Fae will continue to produce artwork and further “beautify the world”, and inspire others to do so as well. 19-21 is when most Kaleidoscope Fae find their forever companion, and many Kaleidoscope Fae parents grow concerned when their child begins to get too far beyond this age bracket without having found their person to inspire. It is considered a sign of laziness for Kaleidoscope Fae to remain unpartnered beyond their mid twenties, and considered a sign of mental illness if a Kaleidoscope Fae experiences art blockages. By the time a Kaleidoscope Fae is in their thirties, if they have not found a companion to dedicate their life to, these individuals are kicked out of their society. It is harsh, but it is their way. I do, however, offer Kaleidoscope Fae both looking for their forever companion to serve as their Muse, but also Kaleidoscope Fae who are looking for an out from the harsher aspects of their societal expectations. Just like with humans, there is a certain life trajectory and “template” path they are expected to follow, but there are many Kaleidoscope Fae who do not fit into this binary. This can include Kaleidoscope Fae who appreciate the arts but are not creatives themselves and feel no pull towards participating in the act of creation. The older Kaleidoscope Fae I offer are of this type and cannot freely express this truth about themselves within their own culture and so are seeking an understanding partner who understands this aspect of themselves.

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