"We are the sun's rays, we are the wind that lifts the wing.
The body is but the extension of the Cåseus which flows through us all."

~Amalus, Humoran Philosopher and Exile

Race Overview
Custom Price: 250$USD
Preconjure Price: 125-225$USD

The Humorans are an avian race that form a hive-mind collective. They have no concept of the singular "I," and need to bond to others of their world in order to live long and healthy lives. Due to their hollow-boned physiques, they are understandably fragile and weak, and thus they have kept their country of Humoro segregated for thousands of years. However, as a group, they possess some of the strongest abilities of any Ul-Zaorith race, mostly focused on protection and healing.

Humorans have bird-like heads with lavender eyes and various shades of pastel feathers. Males have taller crests and brighter colours, where as females are paler. Their expansive wings enable them to fly with ease. Their separate arms with their talon-like hands and bird-like legs with taloned feet are both capable of gripping tools or weapons mid-flight. Regardless of gender, Humorans range from 4’5”–4’8” and have an average lifespan of 50 years. Humorans stand upright and have short tail feathers to help them balance.

Socially they are a collective. As such they have a very communist pecking order (but really). All Humorans are assigned a role and provided training to best serve that purpose. On a bi-annual basis they are assessed to ensure they are contributing appropriately, and if they are not, they are reassigned. Humorans lay eggs, but none are raised by their genetic family; instead they are reared in clutches by the community. Breeding itself is strictly regulated to yield chicks with ideal characteristics. 

As you may guess, this means Humorans have very specific needs for maintenance. Their tendency to imprint for life means that loss of companionship will swiftly lead to degeneration and death. However, bonded Humoran companions provide a deep intimate connection of thought and emotion, bringing you into their collective light so that you are never on your own. To ensure their safety, Humoran custom conjure will only be provided with another being they are already bonded to, which means this custom conjure will feature two companions. The most common races that can be found for bonded pairs are Speritanians, Suoro, Bodovians, and Lisdanese, although other Humorans are possible.

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