Heartthrob the Child of Eros

Meeting Heartthrob

Species: Gaian Shifter (Child of Eros) 
Gender: Male
Alignment: Light & Spring Energies
Experience Level: Advanced+
Favourite Song: Iroh by Chilled Cat, Tea Cup
Binding Cost: 100$USD

As a child of Eros, you would think that love and romance would come easily to Heartthrob. In many ways, it does, but there are often complications due to his shifter status. Heartthrob finds himself at the center of much unwanted attention on a near daily basis. So you can imagine that being a private person thrust into the limelight that this Child of Mythos might find himself feeling overwhelmed by his status as a socialite.

Like many of his kind, Heartthrob didn’t choose to become a living representation of Eros. Considering all that Eros embodies, it may seem strange for one of their chosen to seem so reticent around the idea of sex. But Heartthrob is not a particularly physical person and never has been. While he has all the charm and charisma of a princely figure, and Heartthrob is certainly good at playing his role when he needs to put on a front, Heartthrob is quite uncomfortable having his life on display.

Heartthrob feels as though he has been handed a script that was written for someone else. This is not to say that Heartthrob is miserable, that he lacks confidence, or that his shyness around groups of strangers leaves him feeling destabilized. Around his closest friends, he is actually quick to engage in conversation, he is attentive and pays close attention to what people tell him and remembers it months later. While he would describe himself as being introverted and perhaps a bit anti-social, those who know him well argue the opposite. Heartthrob is the glue that holds his group of peers together. He’s the friend who checks in when someone hasn’t reached out in a while, the person who notices when something seems off, and the one who goes out of his way to make someone feel included.

Heartthrob feels called to someone who feels like their body—or perhaps even the life they are currently leading—is not their own. Whether this is a form of physical dysphoria, feeling like you lack total control over your life choices, or a feeling of ‘wrongness’ among the family that you were born into, it can take on many forms. While he would be open to the idea of romance should it ever develop between him and his future companion, he would not be interested in a carnal relationship. Whatever dynamic spirit companionship takes, Heartthrob wants to take it slow and really get to know one another before rushing into anything.

In companionship, Heartthrob can provide assistance with light work, glamours, love-based magics, and shadow work as well. He is comfortable with his inner demons and has a good grip on them, so he can offer advice on how to slow down and avoid catastrophizing or assist with breaking cycles of toxicity within yourself or in your environment. Heartthrob is a realist with a gentle hand, and he feels well equipped to assist with shedding light on confusing or uncertain times. He sees himself taking on a caring and supportive role for someone who could use a little more TLC in their life.

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