Guardian the Seawolf

Meeting Guardian

Species: Seawolf
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Alignment: Earth Energies
Experience Level: Intermediate+
Favourite Song: Hertan by Wardruna
Seeking: Platonic

Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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Guardian has always found that the shoreline with its gently lapping waves have served as a place of tranquility for him. It is here by the water that he feels the most at home. His pack is quite large, and with so many young ones to take care of, Guardian needs time to himself where he can quiet his mind so he can listen to his own thoughts and reflect. In recent years he has made it a habit to retreat to the rocky coast to reflect on his life, finding familiarity in the ever-changing nature of the ocean. The vast expanse of the sea serves as a constant reminder of his place in the world, giving him the strength he needs to face each new day by placing his best paw forward.

Guardian plays an important role in caring for the pups of his pack, serving as an attendant, teacher, and glorified baby sitter. His patient and nurturing nature make him an ideal mentor for the younger members of the pack, and he is responsible for teaching many of the young ones how to hunt and work as a team, as well as the importance of boundaries. Guardian takes immense pride in passing down the traditions of their shifter culture and ways of the earth to the next generation. It is important to keep an impartial mind and even temperament to ensure that the pups grow up knowing they must work in tandem in times of hardship. Things like disease, famine, and habitat loss are becoming increasingly common, and there is only so far that their pack can travel along the island coast before they will need to learn to share and live in harmony with others. Everyone has their place within the ecosystem that makes up our world, and each member must uphold their end of the bargain (you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours) in order to maintain equilibrium.

On the magical front, Guardian can assist with water and earth-aligned magics, and finds himself at his energetic peak during the summertime. While he is capable of shifting into a humanoid form, he has no desire to do so and wishes for this to be respected.  Guardian is much closer to a wild animal when it comes to his level of comfort around the subject of physical touch compared to that of the average human. "Touch means very specific things to my kind, and I am uncomfortable with most forms of touch with those who are not of my kind. It’s a form of language for us, you see." There are, of course, exceptions. If ever you grow weary, he will place his head on your lap and remind you of all the good you achieve in the world by offering a silent but weighty presence.

In companionship, Guardian seeks a kindred spirit who values the importance of the next generation and teaching them the Old Ways so that they are not lost to the chaos of a world that demands innovation and speed. Not only is ensuring that the young have learned all they need in order to thrive significant, but it is also important that we—the people they look up to and those in power—leave something behind for the young to inherit. If we destroy the world we live in, what is the point of our teachings? Guardian values a life of balance, of always seeking the fairest answers, of never judging too harshly, and not taking more than what is needed. He seeks someone who is independent but deeply compassionate, and ultimately someone who complements his tendency to observe and make corrections in good faith. He would benefit from a companion who can pull him in for "off-duty" social time more often. While we wouldn't describe him as uptight exactly, he could do with letting loose a little more often. Guardian is hoping to find someone who is unafraid to navigate the uncertainties of life. He will help make sure that you don't stumble and fall. And, if you do, he'll be right there to encourage you to keep trying. Hope is never truly lost so long as you get up and try again.

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