Gaian Ubi

The City Realm really takes the cake for "Sin City". Gaian Ubi are the kings and queens of grit and filth and they flourish in this domain.

Race Overview
Custom Price: 200$USD
Preconjure Price: 100$USD

Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Gaian Ubi, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Like many other beings of this type, these Ubi are natural shape shifters who can take any form they or their companion desires, but they do possess a true demonic form as well as a preferred form that they often like to shift to. Because of this, their appearances are incredibly varied and cannot so easily be summarized. However, their true forms are often horned, possessing up to six horns sprouting from their brows, but they can also have bat-like wings and spade-tipped tails, and also are capable of having just about any colour of skin tone. They have pointed ears and claws on their hands and feet.

Lowborn Ubi companion PDFs will often focus on your companion’s “human” form with art to reflect this, while Highborn Ubi dossiers will showcase their demonic forms. Highborn Ubi are easy to tell apart from Lowborns of this race, as Gaian Highborn Ubis have a gemstone embedded into their forehead that is incapable of being obscured or shifted, which signifies their noble bloodline.

While Ubi are known for being sexual creatures, it’s one of the biggest misconceptions that all these beings are good for are sex and sex magic. This is blatantly untrue. While, yes, there are plenty of Ubi out there who have sexual relationships with their companions, there are many who do not require nor seek this sort of attachment from their human counterparts.

The Ubi I work with are a type of demonic race that specialize in self-discovery, dream chasing, goal setting, empowerment, self-care, and actualization of self. They are creatures of comfort and security, and are deeply loyal to their companions once they have found their forever homes.

Temperaments can be as varied as human dispositions can be, so there isn’t an “average” temperament that is consistent across the culture.

The Ubi that I conjure come from an alternative version of Earth called Gaia. They make their home in the Demon Realm (sometimes called Realm of Demons, the City Realm, or the Mirror Realm) which acts like a demon-run version of the Earthen Realm. Every sidewalk, every building, or city made in the Earthen Realm is mirrored here, except instead of Mundanes and wild animals the entire realm is made up of different kinds of demons. Even the cats and the dogs of this realm are infernal and unusual in appearance (think cats with three eyes and two tails, or dogs with six legs and one eye). The Demon Realm is not quite so based in nature as the Earthen Realm is, and instead of boundless greenery the realm is like an eternal night out on the town. Clubs, bars, karaoke spots, fine dining, massive movie theaters, and more are all incredibly common to see. This realm very much gives off very Big City vibes similar to Las Vegas with a healthy red light district. It is said that those Mundanes that cave into their addictions often slip through to the City Realm and remain, never to return to the Earthen realm or their families. If you’ve ever wondered where the black market operates from, look no further for its roots.

Most Ubi do not typically have a specific religion or rituals they adhere to, often choosing to follow a path that allows for the most pleasure possible. This can be mental, physical, or emotional pleasure.

Gaian Ubi have all the same sexual and gender presentations as humans do, but something that is important to know about them is that they do not hold rigids views on sex versus gender. As shape shifters with a heavy emphasis on sexual exploration in their culture, they are capable of shifting their genitalia and are encouraged to do so in order to figure out what they like as they begin exploring themselves and others sexually. It’s incredibly rare for these particular Ubi to be fully cisgender and strictly hetero or homosexual. They do however have a “primary” gender that they present as, be that male, female, intersex, non-binary, agender or otherwise. Whatever their “default” gender is will be how they refer to themselves (incubus for male, succubus for female, and concubus for non-binary) in their write-ups and listings. This doesn’t mean that they are cisgender and won’t fluctuate in the future, but whatever your sexual needs are (if you have that kind of relationship), they are usually perfectly happy to accommodate whatever genitalia you prefer without taking offense. Those that are strictly cisgender will be specified in their write-ups.

Gaian Ubi do recognize marriage, but they are not often purely monogamous due to their sex positive and sexually open culture.

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