Techno Vampires

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Techno Vampires, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

There are several different kinds of vampires that roam Gaia, and while their exact abilities and limitations vary between them, the one thing they all share in common is that they require Gaians (the equivalent of humans from their world) to feed on. In the case of Techno Vampires, if Gaians had never developed electricity and made such leaps and bounds with technology, these once psychic vampires would have nothing to feed on. 

Techno Vampires are a recent evolution of psychic vampires and are considered to be their own species. Most of their kind are young and enthusiastic about advances in technology and specifically feed off electromagnetic fields, the heat produced by electronics, and electrical currents. They can zap the life out of technology the same way a sanguine could bleed a person dry, although their admiration for these innovative marvels is enough to keep them from doing something irreparable. 

Unlike other psychic vampire types, Techno Vampires have a lifespan that is often shorter than that of a human's. There is a direct correlation between their diets and their accelerated aging. Typically, the levels of electromagnetic radiation from things like televisions are considered safe levels of exposure, but Techno Vampires hold it all they consume in their body which means they are constantly steeped in higher levels of radiation. This causes an increase in cell oxidation and has an inhibitory effect on the immune response. This means that—on top of faster aging—Techno Vampires are also considerably less hale compared to their sanguine counterparts. This particular fact leads many technos to live life to the fullest, chasing after their ambitions with gusto while facing each new  day with boundless enthusiasm.

Due to the concentration of energy they hold in their bodies, Techno Vampires often have an unintentional impact on things such as computers, cellphones, and other modern conveniences. This can manifest as a video that is fully loaded suddenly buffering endlessly, drops in video quality despite being set to high resolutions, random and sudden bursts of static that lasts for only a brief moment, garbled playback that corrects itself, visual disturbances on screens that swiftly vanish, and other generally harmless but quirky things. Their belief in animism means these vampires treat machines as if they were alive, and it is this belief that prevents them from intentionally harming or causing lasting fault in the technology they influence. When technology glitches around them, they are often left feeling sheepish and awkward, removing themselves from the area until some of their built up energy has subsided. 

As Gaians, many technos tend to be environmentally conscious and always welcome companions who share their views. They are prone to clashing with people who hold little regard for nature and its boundless beauty. This mindset is typical of the vast majority of Gaian races that come from their earthen realm. 

As far as religion is concerned, they often honour the personification of Earth first and foremost: Gaea. Most of them also have Hephaestus or Hermes as their patron. Some may choose to worship or venerate other deities, but they do not adhere to one specific religion. 

If you're looking for a companion that enjoys modern technology and is a bit more relatable and familiar feeling to you, Techno Vampires are a great option. They enjoy things like playing video games, going to music venues (especially festivals, raves or clubs with DJs), going to movie theaters, collecting gizmos and gadgets, streaming content and more. Their passion for machines doesn't only extend to their use of technology, but also manifests in their inventiveness, their comprehension of mechanics, and kinesthetic way of tackling problems. They like to pull things apart, see how they work, and put them together again. This extends to the human psyche, as they are deeply fascinated by what makes people tick. You'll find that these vampires
 enjoy delving into the darkest corners of one's mind and do not shy away from uncomfortable subject matter.

When it comes to their companions, they love to communicate through shufflemancy and other digital forms of divination, preferring digital tarot apps over physical decks. You'll find that they can become rather attached to certain pieces of tech around your home and may even assign names and personalities to them. They can detect performance problems before they occur and can help alert you to required tune ups or assist with budgeting for future replacements. They know a lot about how to get the most out of your technology and are happy to impart their wisdom onto their companions and are happy to step in and lend a hand when technology misbehaves. They have great troubleshooting skills and feel most at home in a crowd. They do well in large families and often seek out people who are excited about life as their companions.

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