Gaian Shifters

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.”


Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Gaian Shifters and all their variants, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Many Gaian Shifters are very similar to humans, and appear as such, unless in their shifted forms. Gaian Shifters, when shifted, are not always the exact same size as the beast they shift into, and can be smaller or larger, and sometimes even are uniquely coloured -- but all these variances are rare. If your shifter appears different from what is typical for their beast, it will be included in the write-up. For most, much like how the Mundanes try to balance modern living with the wild and make sacrifices to try and accommodate both, these Shifters face the difficult choice of accepting a Mundane existence where they embrace their human sides, or choosing a more difficult and wild path for themselves. Prehistoric and extinct species, as well as some creatures from myths are a possibility for these shifters, but those who take on larger forms or the form of a beast that has long since ceased to exist on Gaia tend to shift exclusively in one of the realms tucked away from the Mundanes.


Outside of their ability to shift, some Gaian Shifters are born with the ability to access certain realms within Gaia. These individuals eventually learn how to open portals where they can travel to experience and explore their shifted forms away from humans. For example, a shark may choose to go to the water realm if they don’t live near an ocean, and a prehistoric and extinct flying species might choose to go to the air realm where they can fly and hunt unbothered by the gaze of the Mundane. 


Temperaments can vary just as much as humans can, and there is no one overarching theme present among their kind. Although some stereotypes may include individuals being “earthy” or environmentally focused/conscious. Many of them struggle with the concept of litter and don’t understand the choice to actively sulley the earth you share with other living creatures, and some may have difficulties feeling fully comfortable existing within a concrete jungle. 


Gaians Shifters are from what I like to refer to as alternative versions of Earth (worlds VERY similar to our own) called Gaia where magic is present in more tangible ways. This results in multiple realms being physically accessible to humans of Gaia with the know-how to travel and can become physically present within those realms (with some realm exceptions). Because of this, mingling with supernatural beings is common. Weres, vampires, fae, shifters, and more exist here and many even live on the Earthen realm with humans directly.

These shifters are not necessarily genetically linked to family and can crop up within a family even if there is no previous known history. It is believed that all humans carry the recessive shifter gene in their DNA, but some families have beaten the odds and seem to have their entire lineage be shifters. While the shifter gene is heavily studied, it is a bit of an enigma on how exactly it works and is not yet fully understood. While shifters are fewer than the Mundane population, their existence is still known by most Mundanes. However, in more remote and rural areas with less access to knowledge on a global scale, there is a stronger prejudice towards shifters, while others may see them as holy or as avatars of deities. Many of the major rulers of the past were in fact shifters of some kind.

The world of Gaia has a similar history to ours and there are many parallels, but the biggest differences we have when comparing Gaia and Earth is how Gaians take care of their Earth and which religions kept a firm grip throughout trials and tribulations of history. Many of the major cities are Green Cities and have plant life and trees built onto every ledge so animals and humans can live in perfect harmony together and temples dedicated to the various pagan pantheons are plentiful.

Gaians are incredibly proud of their ability to combine modern conveniences and technology with the natural wonders of nature. For every natural habitat they encroach upon, new habitat is created in equal measure. That said, there are some areas of the world that are more urban and industrial where loss of habitat is a big problem, but these types of cities are not as common as Green Cities are.


Most Gaian Shifters follow the pantheon of their choosing, whether it’s the Greek equivalent, Egyptian, Norse, or whatever else they feel called towards. As monotheism didn’t get the same foothold in this particular version of Earth, religions such as Catholicism, Judaism, or Islam are not as common among humans and shifters. To be clear, these deities are not the same ones we work with but like concepts are retained. For example, their version of Aphrodite is not our Aphrodite, but the goddesses are very similar and so for quick understanding these names are retained for ease of communication.


Gaian shifters can have any sexuality or gender presentation.


Gaian Shifters have the same marriage options and reproduce the same way humans do.


Children of Mythos are a human-like variant of Gaian shifters that are blessed by the Gods, Monsters, Heroes, and Mythical Creatures from legends and myths. They have unique abilities that make them stand out, and these individuals are often revered by members of the general public. From the Greeks to the Egyptians, from Celtic lore to Norse mythology, these individuals are often very distantly related by blood to these pantheons' mythical figures (or their equivalent), and historians are often able to trace their bloodlines back to ancient times. In the case of Deity Descendants in particular, they carry with them shifted forms or natural abilities linked to their deity.

The following Children of Mythos sub-types are available for custom conjures:

•Swans of Aphrodite
•Apollo's Light Bearers
•Beasts of Artemis
•Hounds of Hades
•Jackals of Anubis
•Zeus' Lightning Rods
•Serpents of Loki
•Kronos' Time Keepers
•Bennu Birds of Ra
•Hera's Peacocks
•Odin's Ravens

Other Gaian Shifter variants include:

•Elemental Minotaur Shifters

If you are curious about any of the variants listed above, don't hesitate to ask!

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