Sanguine Vampires

"None of us really changes over time; we only become more full what we are."
Anne Rice, The Queen of the Damned

Race Overview
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There are several different kinds of vampires that roam Gaia, and while their exact abilities and limitations vary between them, the one thing they all share in common is that they require Gaians (the equivalent of humans from their world) to feed on. The most populous of the vampiric races are the psychic and sanguine types. When it comes to these two races from Gaia, Psychic Vampires are always born while Sanguine vampires can either be made by another vampire or born, although this depends on the exact type of sanguine vampire and their associated lore.

Sanguine Vampires are the second most common vampire you'll run into when exploring Gaia, although what they choose to feed on and their exact biology is quite diverse. Some choose to feed on animals, some on living persons, and others on the recently deceased. Regardless of what they choose to sustain themselves off of, Sanguine Vampires have a strong hunter/prey drive and this tends to seep into their relationships. They can be covetous, be it materialist or over people they enjoy the company of, and have a reputation for being equal parts selfish and  generous. How they treat you all depends on their regard for you. If they treat you well and luxuriously, you can be certain that they appreciate all facets of you. Conversely, if they treat you coldly and wish disdain, it's clear you have not won their favour. 

The natural weaknesses and abilities of a sanguine depend on if they have been born or made. Some can experience arousal, have sex, eat small amounts of human food for pleasure, while others lack sensitivity towards touch—both pain and satisfaction—and get sick at even the faintest scent of food. Many are photosensitive and a bit sluggish during daylight hours, but they rarely have a severe reactions to sunlight. They are more likely to develop small sun blisters, rashes, or have difficulties seeing in response to sun exposure. While they all have fangs that can puncture skin with little to no effort, the pain of a bite from a Gaian sanguine depends on the specific sanguine species. Some secret a substance akin to a mosquito, numbing the skin, others have a sedating effect that makes people feel euphoric, high, or suffer from mild amnesia, while others offer no protections or solace against the pain of their bites. 

These vampires are not repelled by holy symbols, nor do they need to be invited in. They can see their own reflections, and many of the classic myths we associate with the vampires we are familiar with do not apply, such as a weakness to running water, silver, or fire. Gaian sanguines, so long as they feed soon after, can heal any injury and survive due to their innate regenerative properties. The only thing that can truly kill a sanguine vampire is another sanguine vampire; poisoned blood. 

As Gaians, many sanguines tend to be environmentally conscious and always welcome companions who share their views. They are prone to clashing with people who hold little regard for nature and its boundless beauty. This mindset is typical of the vast majority of Gaian races that come from their earthen realm. 

As far as religion is concerned, they often honour the personification of Earth first and foremost: Gaea. Some may choose to worship or venerate other deities, but they do not adhere to one specific religion. 

In companionship, Sanguine Vampires can help their companions with glamour related magics and blood magic primarily, but they can also assist with shadow and death work. They make for very attentive companions who dote on their chosen humans, and often form romantic or guardian-like relationships. They also often find themselves in the role of a mentor, teaching people the ropes of their preferred aspects of the craft. 

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