Psychic Vampires

"Protect your energy. Your vibe is a gift and isn't for everyone."

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Psychic Vampires, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

There are several different kinds of vampires that roam Gaia, and while their exact abilities and limitations vary between them, the one thing they all share in common is that they require Gaians (the equivalent of humans from their world) to feed on. The most populous of the vampiric races are the psychic and sanguine types. When it comes to these two races from Gaia, Psychic Vampires are always born while Sanguine vampires can either be made by another vampire or born, although this depends on the exact type of sanguine vampire and their associated lore.

Psychic Vampires are the most common vampire you'll run into when exploring Gaia, and they are the only kind of vampire that can feed off other vampires species without suffering the consequences of tainted blood. Psychic vampires can do this because they subsist off an excess of energy rather than blood, and all matter has energy. This means that these vampires have a wide variety of options when it comes to what they wish to feed on, be it plants, people, or the dead; the options are endless.

As predators, Psychic Vampires use manipulation to coax specific reactions from people such as frustration, anger, sorrow, and euphoria, utilizing cunning and a deep understanding of Gaian psychology in order to draw out extreme emotions instead of hunting for food. When someone demonstrates an abundance of any emotion, they give off a particular energy signature that acts like a beacon to Psychic Vampires. When feed, these vampires actively siphon off the overage of energy in order to sustain themselves and store for later usage.

As Psychic Vampires, they are extremely good with energy work and are capable of weaponizing this particular skillset in order to make themselves seem more charismatic—bringing people into their orbit in order to gain social advantage and indulge whims—and can temporarily make themselves stronger and faster. They also have the ability to cure illness within themselves and slow the effects of aging. They often extend their lifespan, appearing younger for longer and easily living twice as long as the average human. When Psychic Vampires find loving connections with other species who happen to live for a shorter period of time, they will often speed up the aging process in order to keep pace with their cherished few.    

Psychic Vampires have a reputation for being a bit self-centered and putting themselves first, and are often accused of only looking out for themselves while knowingly manipulating people for their own benefit. In reality, Psychic Vampires from Gaia tend to adhere to a strong set of personal rules when it comes to feeding and put an emphasis on consent when feeding on other Gaians. There are bad apples in every group, but that shouldn't spoil all the amazing aspects and facets of the average Psychic Vampire. 

Due to not being true immortals, these Psychic Vampires never lose touch of their humanity and remain connected to Gaian values. This means they tend to be environmentally conscious and always welcome companions who share their views. They are prone to clashing with people who hold little regard for nature and its boundless beauty. This mindset is typical of the vast majority of Gaian races that come from their earthen realm. 

As far as religion is concerned, they often honour the personification of Earth first and foremost: Gaea. Some may choose to worship or venerate other deities, but they do not adhere to one specific religion. 

Overall, they make for well rounded companions who can assist with energy work. Their special focus is in, of course, manipulating various types of energy to produce desired results. This might look like giving off an aura of intimidation for protection, making yourself seem more dashing or attractive, as well as bolstering confidence among other things. 

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