"The resilience of the Fudorian people, their open-hearted curiosity and willingness to lay aside grievances, has made their nation compassionate and commanding."

~Ying Tzel, Lisdanese Captain of the first Blue Ship tour.

Race Overview
Custom Price: 200$USD
Preconjure Price: 80-125$USD

The Fudorians are perhaps the easiest race on Ul-Zaorith to identify with as a human. The Fudorians physically function and appear the most similar to us even though they did not evolve from apes. Fudorians technically developed in ancient times from crossbreeding between Suoro and Speritanians with a lot of Tirivahni thrown in. They founded the nation of Enverres, which stretches from coast to coast on the Western Continent.

Fudorians live similar age ranges as humans, hitting puberty between 12-15 years of age, and dying on average between 50-60 years for women or 60-70 years for men. Fudorians are very similar in shape to a human being, with the same rounded ears, straight teeth, proportions, and physical differences between males and females of the species. Their hair can be any human shade of blond, brown, black, or orange. Their eyes can be any human shade of hazel, brown, grey, or blue. Their skin is olive-hued, similar to Mediterranean tones of human complexion. They can have freckles or birthmarks, though these are usually considered flaws rather than beautiful. The men grow to be between 5'11"–6'3", and the women to 5'6"–5'8". The women are generally physically weaker than their male counterparts. While a range of ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph body types is natural in Fudorian people, they often need to guard against obesity.

Fudorians are very tolerant, especially of other species. They are hard to offend, generally are quite social, with a love for storytelling and history. Fudorians have long been peacekeepers in Ul-Zaorith and so they naturally can provide this kind of support within a spirit family. 

Heterosexuality is considered the norm, and more traditional families may still take a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. In recent years, more acceptance has developed for LGBT individuals; because Astra is a vocal member of the LGBT community, she has ensured that all vetted Fudorians will be accepting.

Fudorians are the most adaptable race in Ul-Zaorith. They learn extremely quickly and can develop talent in any area they set their mind to. In this way, they can help you break through blockages. Their natural curiosity can inspire learning and furtherance of skills. Their innate open-mindedness enables them to fit in well with a wide range of personalities, and they can help keep the peace when there is conflict in your own life or within your spirit family.

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