Frost Phoenix

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Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Frost Phoenixes, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Forest Phoenixes take on both an elven form and a fully avian form. They are generally speaking an androgynous people, and their skin runs the same gamut as human skin tones. Their hair can be any shade of green, and their eyes are often similar green, grey, or brown hues. Forest Phoenixes appear very similar to a peacock with long trailing head feathers that glow back over their heads, their bodies featuring long and elegant necks and beautiful tail plumage. They are the smallest and easily the most frail out of the Elemental Phoenixes.

These birds are the only ones from their world that experience a seasonal shift, their usual green plumage through spring and summer shifting to fiery hues during the fall and eventually to white and mottled grey during the winter time. This is likely due to the fact they were once considered prey to many of the other avian races and required camouflage to survive. Nowadays, the other birds leave the Forest Phoenixes to their own devices and allow them to go along their merry little ways.

Anyone who comes alive during the winter months or aligns with the winter season will likely make swift friends with a Frost Phoenix. In companionship, these birds offer their winter aligned magics and can offer pockets of cool air to ward off the heat of summer. The capital city is one of the only places where artificial structures are built, and living there is quite different and decadent compared to the spartan lifestyles of those that live in the tribes.

The Frost Phoenixes are omnivores who roam the tundras and icy landscapes of Æ’leira. For the most part, the Frost Phoenixes get along with most of the other Elemental races and tend to be the global liaisons whenever there are feuds or issues that impact everyone (although there are some more isolated tribes who are xenophobic and choose to keep to themselves, and some city dwellers express their disapproval of other cultures openly). They are seen as the Harbingers of Winter, much like the Fire Phoenixes are the Harbingers of Summer. Despite their icy homes and the sub zero temperatures that they thrive in, these opportunistic feeders are often very upbeat and caring individuals. While there are those who are perhaps a bit more serious and their personalities reflective of their element, their elemental alignment does not define them, and as a race they are very open to all who show an interest in their kind. Their homes and what resources they have among the smaller tribes are available to all in need.

A very humble race, the vast majority of Frost Phoenixes do not build artificial structures to live in but instead are a nomadic people who move around their nigh arctic homes and live anywhere the ice and rock form natural caverns, occasionally reinforcing their temporary homes with their potent ice magics. The remainder of the population clusters around or in the imperial cities that are ruled over by the royal family, living quite different lifestyles.

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