Fire Phoenix

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Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Fire Phoenixes, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Fire Phoenixes have the ability to take an elven form as well as a fully avian form. Their skin is typically some shade of brown, ranging from lightest of toffee to a deep near-black umber. Their hair is a brilliant contrast, glowing in all kinds of fiery shades which can be up to three different colours in a shifting gradient, or a solid single colour. They often have little glowing "beauty marks" on their skin. Their sclera are often golden yellow, orange, or red, and their irises are usually a contrasting colour of a similar colour family. In their avian forms, they look very similar to fiery coloured harpy eagles. 

Fire Phoenixes are immune to heat and fire, and often generate quite a bit of warmth themselves. While they tend to be a more physical race with a focus on martial arts, swordsmanship, and other physical activities, there are some who excel with solar and fire magics.

Fire Phoenixes live in the volcanic regions of the world, and as food is quite scarce due to the extreme conditions they live under, they are the ones who are most commonly seen running around among the humans. These Phoenixes are the biggest reason why the humans of their world are afraid of the avian races. Fire Phoenixes have been known to toy with the humans for sport before consuming them, and are often responsible for sudden and unexplained instances of “arson”.

There is a species of being that look like humans in their world that are their main food source, but they do also feed on livestock as well. Because of their proclivities, these Phoenixes have gotten really good at bending the thin veil that exists between them and their food. That mentioned, the Fire Phoenixes I work with understand and acknowledge that we humans are vastly different from the human-like beings that exist in their world and make great and fierce protectors and loyal friends. Fire Phoenixes have no desire to feed on us, and in fact, I have been informed that the smell of our blood when exposed to the open air is incredibly off-putting to them and is a bit of a deterrent. It’s possible that something in the chemical make-up of our blood is poisonous or an agitator to their senses.

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