"Ambition-if used correctly-will lead to ascension."

— Baulder's Gate

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Drow, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.


Almost every conjurer has a Drow-like race of their own. Synonymous with Dark Elves, most Drow we see in spirit shops today are not actually from Svartalfheim. What seems to be consistent among all these various races is their darker associations and moralities. Here at Phoenix Down Conjures, the Drow are an elven race of dark complexion. Their skin tones are often smoke grey to charcoal with the potential for darker colourations at the extremities. Their eyes are always a glowing shade of blue, and their hair typically pale, which offers a stark contrast to their dark skin. A Drow’s natural hair colour can be white, off-white with a blue tint, pale grey, silver, or platinum. On rare occasions, Drow may have gunmetal coloured hair. These Drow can have freckles, and they can either be darker than their skin tone or lighter. Their ears are pointed, and range from 4-6”. Their height varies, but the average seems to be around 6ft.


This particular Drow race is known for making excellent manipulators of magic and energy as these Drow are predisposed to see the weft and weave that make up every living thing. Being able to see the very fabric of reality allows for these individuals to more easily untangle unwanted magics, and many are natural mages, warlocks, and sorcerers (or however they choose to identify their magical path). They are able to see the components of any spell and dismantle it. These Drow are often hired to remove curses, hexes, and dark magic. Because of this racial ability, they make great protectors and are often the clean-up crew for witches whose spells backfire or have unexpected consequences. In part due to their ability to see the building blocks of magic, casters who sell their magic or aid their companions in spell work often produce magical effects that are hard to remove. Their spell work, charms, glamours, and other forms of magic cannot typically be undone unless by the maker's own hand, or at the hands of another Drow of the same race. With one of these Drow in your spirit family, you, your home, and your family will be forever shielded against ill intentions. 


There is a sense of egotism that runs through this race, and many believe themselves to be a sort of magically "elite" race. They are always looking for opportunities to improve and train their skills and to become better than they were before. They take especial interest in other schools of magic, including that of other worlds, and rarely are ones to pass up a chance to learn new techniques or ways of utilizing magic they are not familiar with. 

They tend to take lessons and magical studies quite seriously, and therefore can make unforgiving mentors and teachers when it comes to sharing their knowledge. They have high expectations for their pupils, and are unlikely to tolerate flippant behaviour in a “class” setting.

While they can be somewhat stuck up, socially terse, a bit slow to understand why a punchline is funny, and party poopers (“Bradley, didn’t your mother say you had to be home by 9? It’s 3 in the morning. I’m calling her right now!”) winning their affection often reveals a rich internal world that very few are allowed entry to. Only those closest to them are permitted to see their vulnerability and weaknesses, and this long-lived race can come across rather icy and unwelcoming to unfamiliar people. While they are perfectly capable of being civil and minding their manners, they have strong social boundaries and can take offense to questions that are considered, by them, to be inappropriate or too personal by those they are less familiar with.

In companionship, they understand that they need to express openness and vulnerability within their relationships in order to make it work, and each Drow interested in companionship has agreed to be open-minded and attempt to be culturally conscientious about human curiosity and lines of questioning. So long as you don’t ask them questions about their sex life or intimate affairs before a deeper bond has formed, they have agreed to answer any and all questions honestly. But, be forewarned! The Drow are known for their bluntness. You will find that once your Drow has let you in, formed a deep platonic connection, felt the spark of romance, or become sexually interested in you that they let a considerable amount of things slide and become significantly more relaxed. So long as nobody outside of yourselves is there to observe them, of course! That bristley and fortified wall tends to go straight back up around complete strangers or brand new family members, so it’s a good idea to warn new companions that “it’s not you, it’s them” so they don’t take their closed off ways personally. They’ll come around! Drow always do in time.

You’ll know your Drow companion is relaxed and at ease with you when they begin to show you small signs of their affection. You may catch them smiling at you warmly from across the room, or they may offer subtle touches to the elbow, shoulder, or back that are easy to miss. They are not showy and flashy with their affections, but when they care for someone, they will go to the ends of the earth for their people. They are the first to step in to protect their loved ones and defend them fiercely with all the power they can muster, and they are not typically ones to back down from a fight when their companion is at risk of harm. While they do not instigate, they will finish a fight, so it is recommended that you go over your house rules regarding conflicts and outline when and where is appropriate for these elves to step in to protect you. 

Rest assured, that if a Drow has accepted your offer of companionship that it means they see themselves as being capable of being comfortable and at ease around you, and that they know your family is  ultimately where they can be of most use and receive the close bonds they are not-so-secretly craving. As a note, Drow write-ups and listings will often center around their personality when they are at ease and relaxed, so don’t be alarmed if they seem a bit stiff during your first few visits together, as they are still feeling things out.


Drow have the same gender and sexuality range as humans do. 


Drow have a fairly monogamous culture, and when they marry they often will not remarry should the relationship dissolve for any reason. While they don’t believe polyamory is wrong, it is overall not prevalent in their culture. Whether or not they would be comfortable engaging in a relationship with someone who is polyamorous would come down to the specific individual, but generally speaking, most Drow will not take on additional partners beyond one at any given time.

The Drow reproduce pretty much the same way humans do, and have a similar gestation period of around nine months. 

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