Custom Conjure by Ember

Service Overview
Price: 200$USD
Availability: Limited; Ask Me! 

Sometimes you'll feel a calling to a specific race, skill set, or energy but don't see a pre-conjure that fits just right. A Custom Conjure may be the perfect solution! Ember will work with you to find the being that's right for you. 

When Ember does Custom Conjures, they vet multiple individuals to help ensure the right match, however not everyone always makes it through vetting. Once vetting is complete, Ember will send you a proposal that features 1-3 individuals for your consideration. Your Custom Conjure fee will cover one entity. After you've chosen the being you wish to proceed with, the remaining individuals will be placed in the shop as preconjures or will join the RA candidate pool. Vetting can take anywhere from 3-12 months depending on the race/individual/volume of other orders. Please be sure you are committed to waiting this length of time before purchasing a CC from Ember. Due to the lengthy process of a custom conjure, once I have sent the proposal to you, if you do not respond within 30 days with your final choice, I will list the candidates as preconjures and issue a 50% credit towards future digital services done by myself. 

Once Ember has accepted your order, they will send you a form to fill out for further details to get a clearer sense of what and who you're looking for. At this time, beings from Ember's published race pages are available for the Custom Conjure service. If there's a different race you have in mind, Ember is happy to discuss it with you! 

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You automatically get an extended dossier with a custom conjure. But how does it differ?

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