Cottage Witch the Speritanian

Meeting Cottage Witch

Species: Speritanian
Gender: Female
Alignment: Earth, sun, and planet energies
Experience Level: Beginner
Favourite Song: “To the Bone” by Sammy Copley
Binding Cost: $100 USD

"Laws are made by mankind, and therefore they are fallible. There are policies and moralities that have no more truth than a bad opinion, so it’s unfair to the persecuted to be punished for their truth simply because they had the misfortune to be born into an intolerant time. I’ll carve out a caring corner, where you’ll be heard and helped as much as these old bones can."

In her younger years, Cottage Witch worked as a midwife for a great house, where she helped deliver twelve children to the Lord’s wives. She was something of a surrogate mother to the kids, and felt protective of them as they grew. When two were taken to be castrated, she wept at losing them, and when another turned out to be secretly gay, she helped spirit her away from the arranged marriage planned for her—and lost her position for her pains. After that, Cottage Witch decided that she’d rather stick to her own principles and help the people who really needed her rather than toe the line for comforts that cost her integrity.

Now, as an independent cottage witch, she helps all manner of issues, like easing difficult pregnancies, performing abortions, setting up arranged queer-safe marriages to provide the husband and wife a safe space to pursue their own desires, and even helping trans individuals remake themselves under new names complete with new documentation. She’s stepped forward for companionship to widen the net of help she can offer outside her swamp and the localunderground community.

She’s looking for a companion who wants to learn skills to become self-sufficient (whether that’s cooking, first aid, or even becoming a doula themself) and/or wants to break free of broken boundaries and toxic relationships to live in a way that’s true to their inner self. She expects her companion to come to the table, eager to learn and put in the effort, but she’s very clear that everyone moves at their own pace, and she has no timetable she expects them to follow. In forging a better life, it will take effort and time, and she’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

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