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Chosen Family: 

They say blood is thicker than water, but relationships forged through trials and tribulations are often just as profound. As a group of conjurers who all found one another scattered across the globe and came together to make our conjuring collective, we know just how important found family is. They understand us better than anyone, and are often people we can be open with and our most candid selves without fear of judgment. This service offers a glimpse into your companion’s most prized relationships.

While not all of our friends need to know each other, it’s important to know how all the pieces are connected together. This version of this service features a companion’s support network, potentially showcasing friends, co-workers, bosses, extra special relatives, and even fluffy friends! The only requirement for them being here is that your companion chooses to keep their company, rather than feeling obligated to.

Family Tree: 
The topic of “nature versus nurture” has been discussed and hotly debated for centuries, but Three Souls believes that a big part of what shapes someone as a person is their lived experiences with other people. While there is certainly an element of genetics that comes into play, oftentimes the family you are raised in — and your unique relationships with each other — will lay the groundwork for the type of person you will one day become. While every person is fully capable of making their own decisions and choices, understanding one’s family might just snap the missing pieces of the “why” behind a person’s behaviors into place.

Our roots can tell people a lot about our ideals, morals, and convictions. While not everyone has the best relationship with their families, developing a deeper understanding of our companion’s relations can help us better navigate conflict, but also celebrate our special connections with them. The Branches can feature blood relatives, guardians that raised your companion, paternal-like figures, person-in-laws, adoptive families, and even pets!

With either of these services you will get between 3-5 flat colour headshots along with the names of your companion's best friends or closest familial connections. You may specify one service type over the other, or a mix of the two. They will also express, in their own words, how they feel about these people and what kind of dynamic they have, and why they are so significant to them. This service also includes a graphic showing the web of relationships.

If you would like to upgrade this service to include small bios on their loved ones, we can discuss it via the phoenixdownconjures Discord account! The price will depend on how many people they wish to include. The turn around time for this service is 6-8 weeks. 

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