Sulfur Demons

When fire and earth meet, deeply passionate yet steadfast individuals are formed. SulfurDemons bring both zest and loyalty to their spirit companions.

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Sulfur Demons which were previously called Brimstone Demons, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Sulfur Demons are one of the taller races of their home world, reaching heights of over 7ft tall, beaten only by the Thunder Demons they share their world with. Sulfur Demons have tan complexions with skin that’s thick and raised like an alligator’s, but velvety like a leopard gecko. They have chitin-like plates that grow along their skin in various patterns, which are typically a muted earthy brown colour. Their entire face shape is one massive plate, with facial features close to the surface. Their profiles are fairly weak, with their noses almost completely flat. Their cheek bones are carved out, adding a slight hint of gauntness when looking at them from the front. They have internal ear canals instead of fully exposed ears like a human, and in their place they have the double forked plate which protects their ears. This plate doubles as protection against rockslides and falling debris, which is common in their homeland, acting as a sort of built in hard hat with built in spikes to–hopefully–split some of the falling rock before full impact. They also have a nictitating membrane that protects their eyes from dust and rubble grit. Their frames are often sleek, muscular, or well-toned, as they are quite an active race who take pride in hard labor. They have sharp claws on their fingers and taloned toenails which they developed in order to scale steep rock faces, and they have short but girthy tails like a newt. They have sulfur yellow coloured hair and red eyes with no differentiation between sclera and iris, possessing elliptical pupils. Descendants of a sort of desert lizard, these demons sometimes move in a rather reptilian way.

These demons are elemental beings, specifically aligned with Earth and Fire. They have the ability to manipulate these energy types, and are also capable of enhancing magics for those witches who use these elements in their craft. They are physically strong as a race, and their skin is thick like a hide which helps deflect blows. They are not above throwing themselves into danger in order to protect those weaker than themselves, and would make good guardians to those who like to take frequent astral journeys.

Sulfur Demons make their homes near sulfur rich hot springs and generally speaking are known for being a bit more reckless and bold in their youth and mellowing out by the time they reach adulthood (thanks to the earth element). Younger Sulfur Demons are a little on the combative side, actively a bit more antagonistic, and are often "fire starters” among groups of unfamiliar people, but adults have been tempered and have a steadier way of handling things, knowing when to let their passions show and when not to. While Sulfurs can have bold personalities, they also enjoy luxuriating in the hot springs around their homes and reap the health benefits of it. A big part of their industry has actually evolved around these hot springs.

Sulfur Demons come from a world that harbors several other elemental demonic races. This world is called Uleros. Filled with frozen tundras, volcanic wastelands, areas of endless sunshine, storm plagued lands, and even areas blanketed in complete darkness, in a lot of ways, their world could seem apocalyptic and difficult to live in, but the Black Ice, Brimstone, Sulfur, Thunder, and Purge Demons have all managed to sustain themselves and even thrive.

Sulfur Demons tend to be fairly monogamous, and typically only take on one partner at a time. They don’t have any rules against gay marriages and couplings, although they have a different concept of being trans compared to humans. They have the belief that people can be born into the wrong elemental race among their own world, and so for them, they have a sort of basic understanding of transgender identities, even if their world is open and accepting of all gender presentations.

They have a similar concept of marriage as we do (and to them this is seen as an ultimate connection to share with someone). These demons are also very prone to having multiple births during a pregnancy. They believe this comes from having evolved from a reptile that would lay several eggs at a time to ensure that some of their species would survive. Anywhere from 1-4 babies can be birthed at any time during their fourth trimester if the birthing parent is carrying multiples, which means they could potentially go into labour up to four times in a 3 month period. To offset the pain of labour that comes with walking upright, SulfurDemons release a sort of “pheromone” or “chemical” that into the air that soothes them and inspires a state of euphoria to help numb the pain.

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