"It is true that face and form between us varies as one glass bead to the next is unique. But I say, too, that our Gods bear the heads of Falcon, Dragon, Ox and Antelope - and yet they rule united. If Heaven motes it so, should we not aspire to as much?"

~Tiao Lann, Captain of the People during the Feud of Brothers Civil War.

Race Overview
Custom Price: 150$USD
Preconjure Price: 80-125$USD

Bodove is one of the lushest nations worldwide for flora and fauna within Ul-Zaorith, with a diverse ecological climate ranging from dense tropical jungle to arid plains. Bodove is home to the largest land-based animals in the world, as well as some of the deadliest insects and diseases. Its position on the equator leaves it hot, and its ample water (both coastal regions and massive rivers) leave it susceptible to monsoons, floods, landslides and quicksand across its diverse landscape.

Its people, the Bodovians, are still very bestial in many ways, and are very tied to the land. While they have both nomadic tribes and village settlements, they are governed centrally by a quorum that has proved patient, magnanimous and fair. The Bodovians has 8 distinct sub-racial groups, the most of any Ul-Zaorith race, and this has led to segregation, civil war, tribal feuds, and caste systems throughout their colourful history. Their voluntary Racial Ability is perhaps the most difficult to master, as it involves a physical and spiritual evolution that takes a lifetime of devotion to transcend to the fifth and final echelon.

The Balo (cat) types include Sago (Lions), Pero (Tigers), Bano (Leopards), and Gudo (Panthers). The corresponding Dado (dog) types are the Deno (Dobermans), Vabo (Wolves), Nivo (Hyenas), and Tiao (Foxes). The Bodovian society maintains a caste system which ranks the Cats and Dogs in the order shown above, with the Sago and Deno being the most respected.

A standard Bodovian is anthropomorphic, able to walk on two legs, although they do occasional run on all fours. Their bodies are covered with fur which comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, but they also have hair on their heads and somewhat dexterous paws. Balo types range from 3’5”–4’7”, while Dado range from 3’6”–5’3”. Bodovians typically have litters of 4–6 kits and as such their females have four breasts (though if not in heat, they are not noticeable). Balo and Dado can breed together, but the offspring will look either like their mother or father. True hybrids are extremely rare.

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